What Inspired You to Pursue Beauty as a Career

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What Inspired You to Pursue Beauty as a Career
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  • Introduction
  • The Demographic That Pursues Beauty as a Career
  • The Type of Career in the Beauty Industry
  • Safety Regulations in the Beauty Career
  • The Required Skills
  • Conclusion


When I have completed all my schooling I would like a job in the beauty industry and I was inspired to pursue beauty as a career. I am incredibly passionate about makeup and the art behind it, and also really enjoy working with hair and nails. I am most interested in makeup because of others who have influenced it in my life, from looking at photos, watching videos, and admiring the hard work involved. Makeup draws me in because nothing you do is wrong; you can only improve your skills more as you grow. I am passionate about the beauty industry because being a beautician includes making sales of makeup and other cosmetics, hair and skincare products, applying makeup to the client, and informing them of application techniques they could take into consideration, manicures and pedicures, massages, waxing, bleaching, tinting, and scheduling appointments. Beauticians also offer lash extensions and brow treatments. The position I would thoroughly enjoy being involved in is wedding makeup and hair, as well as stage makeup for movies and TV shows. The beauty sphere has a wide range of opportunities and it's very popular to choose the beauty as a career.

The Demographic That Pursues Beauty as a Career

On average, 35,400 employees work in the beauty industry. Most makeup artists or beauticians work part-time and have other day jobs to support them as when you first start working as a beautician, your pay is below average. Full-time beauticians often work 36 hours each week earning a salary of $650. The more hours you work and the more your skills grow, the more pay begins to rise. Most beauticians are at the ages between 25-35 years old and every 2 in 10 workers only being 15-25.

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In the beauty industry, 98.6% of employees are female, leaving only 1.4% male. Although majority of the beauty industry is made up of females, males are becoming incredibly strong with their technique and can be regularly seen as a beauty therapist.

Beauticians that often do bridal parties spend most of their weekends, and sometimes weekdays, attending clients. When working with photographers, some will want to do early morning sessions as well as night shoots which means you have to be on set for a longer period of time. Makeup artists who work in salons will work openings hours, 9-5.

The Type of Career in the Beauty Industry

The most popular job in the beauty industry is a makeup artist. Other jobs that also revolve around beauty therapy are massages which includes full body and spa treatments. Nail technicians are fully qualified beauty therapists but keep their focus on hand care, manicures, pedicures, shaping of the nails, synthetic nail treatments and removal of dead and unwanted skin, while hairdressers are responsible for haircuts, dye and hair styles.4 The reason why I think more job are opening in this industry is because more and more people are leaving the area of work. The older qualified stylists become, the more they want to slow down how many hours a week they put towards their work. People also become busier with their lives which cam become a hassle if they have a full time job but also work in the beauty industry on the side.

Safety Regulations in the Beauty Career

WHS, or Workplace Health and Safety, is the role which states a list of safety regulations and laws that are to be followed in every workplace environment to ensure any injury or health risks are avoided. The people responsible of WHS are yourself, your manager, team leader and the WHS coordinator. Workplace Health and Safety in the beauty industry includes wearing gloves, clean makeup brushes to be used on every client, a container for sharp objects, sterilising jars, aprons, capes, sterilisation wipes, floor and bench surfaces clean at all times and possibly dangerous chemicals and peroxides are in a separate area to where you’re working.

Technology has played a big part on expanding the beauty industry. Many beauty brands have their websites regularly updated which keeps thing modern and up to date with society. Most makeup artists or companies have a social media platform to reach out to customers and clients, which also gives them the opportunities to show their talent and what they’re offering. Apps like Pinterest and Instagram are becoming more and more popular to be used by beauty gurus and makeup artists. To be successful in the beauty industry, you need to have formal training or a qualification in the related area. TAFE SA offers a wide variety of courses that revolve around the beauty industry. To gain a job in the beauty industry, training is required and is highly recommended as it can improve your skills and a lot knowledge can be taken away from it.

The Required Skills

Skills that need to be used in this industry are creativeness, patience, trust, time keeping, passion and great listening skills. Communication is a big part of being involved in the beauty industry as you have to interact, suggest and ask what your client wants. You have to listen to what your client has requested and take their opinion into consideration. Time keeping skills are incredibly important when it comes to a session as there may be other customers waiting with a booking and you have to keep to the schedule. Also creativeness and originality plays a massive role when trying new techniques as you want your work to stand out from others. These skills are very helpful to have when working in any industry as they will keep situations realistic, calm and under control.


To summarise, to be certain your future is secure you have to keep focused in school and aim for high grades. You need to be confident in what you want to pursue, also in yourself. To successfully succeed in your chosen path, you have to stay committed to always putting in 100% and never giving up. Staying flexible so that you can adjust to any situation is a must and always pushing yourself to do your best to benefit your future.

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