Beach and Mountains: Exploring the Nature


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Every person after hard work need to have holidays, to spend time with family or friends. Everyone has different taste and different way of spending time. Some group of people will spend it at the mountains. Another group of people will spend it at the sea.

A great number of people go to the seaside in summer. There are many advantages to spend time at the sea. One of the advantages is that you can sunbathe and swim at the sea. Also ,you can go fishing and boating, to relax yourself. Many people choose this way of spending time because of children. It is the best way to make for children relax and funny weekend. There are many people, so it is a great opportunity to make a new friends, especially for children. They can also to play different games on the beach or to go to the water park near sea. 

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Of course, you do not to prepare food for yourself. You have all things to stay comfortable. But, at the same time spending vocation at the mountains is to take a rest. At the mountains you can explore the nature. You can also camping or in the winter skiing, making different activities. Of course, spending time at the mountains you become more healthier. It is the best feeling to wake up in the morning and watch how nature wake up with you. You do not need any gadgets , just because your soul relax at the mountains.

There are also many cons spending your vocation on the beach. Also there are many people at the beaches, so this is not type of holiday where are quietly. The climate is so dry and hot. For some people it is so hard to be on the beach and normally relax and enjoy the time. Some of people hate sand and waves , so they never spend time on the beach. Of course, also it is so dangerous to sunbathe. You can have sunstroke or to be hurt on the sea by different types of animals. 

Likewise, spending time at the mountains has a lot of cons. For some people, it is so boring to explore the nature or to be there, because of limited range of options what you can do. The climate is colder than on the beach, for example. There is more rainy days. Also, you are isolated from people, so it is hard to find some attractions or go to the café. There is disadvantage, if you want to spend time with children. There are many animals and insects that are dangerous for health.

Generally speaking, you should take all factors into consideration. You can not go wrong in any way in choosing either the beach or the mountains for spending free time or holidays. Both type of vocation have advantages and disadvantages. Both of them , you will enjoy the time.

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