Beacons of Hope: Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King

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Political participation are actions carried out by citizens within formal institutions and the legal mechanisms of the political system. Citizen participation is exercised when the citizen carries out public actions that have as their destination the interaction with the State in the sense of influencing the State to jointly establishing activities. In such considerations, the citizen participation does not always have interference in the political sphere or through legal means and seeks to establish the proposals, plans, programs and budgets of public policies. So, citizen participation turns out to be the one that opens the spaces so that citizens can have a political participation. In this case a person who influenced greatly the political scene was Cesar Chavez. He was a Mexican American agricultural worker, union leader and civil rights activist. He brought better conditions for agricultural workers. In my opinion she deserves to have a holiday.

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He was born on March 31, 1927 near Yuma, Arizona. His early experiences shaped him and firmly rooted in a rich Mexican-American tradition. His later life would open to new influences that he was going to use to unite people of many different nationalities and beliefs. While growing up and working in the fields, César found the importance of a union evident. Migrant workers tried to unite to achieve better payments and more appropriate working conditions through trade unions. Most workers wanted to get more payments for the amounts of agricultural products they helped harvest, a more fair treatment by pawn contractors and accident insurance. They even had to make requests to get toilets and accessible drinking water in the fields. Without a voice that united them, they had no means to improve their position. This inspired Chavez to change how they treated farmers. He created the UFW (united farm workers). This was a powerful union, which managed to improve considerably the conditions of the workers in the United States, who stopped the country with the strikes, which managed to create new legislation and convened marches with more of 50,000 people

He deserves a national holiday due to the impact he created on the lives of the farm workers. He has become the icon for the labor and political organization symbolizing support for the workers and for the Hispanic culture which strengthened the organization. The way he promoted the union was through peaceful methods, this helped turn the cause into a moral cause that the public would actually acknowledge and see as important. By the late 1970s, political figures finally acknowledge the UFW as the main voice for more than 50,000 farm workers. The way of how they treat workers changed thanks to Cesar Chavez, they now have actual right when before they didn’t have any.

Cesar Chavez does deserve a holiday since he was one of the fighters for the rights of workers. Cesar Chavez was a leader whose actions and efforts will never be forgotten. He believed in community action and always encouraged young people to resist injustices in society. Always in a peaceful way, he fought for fundamental rights and social justice and managed to achieve significant changes in the lives of many people, especially agricultural workers. Chavez can be compared to Martin Luther King Jr. in terms of his mission and impact. Chavez is a symbol of justice and the fight for social equality. Its impact on the United States shows us that change is possible and its infamous phrase, ‘Yes, you can,’ will always remind us of the life, impact, hope, perseverance and struggle of this American hero.

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