Becoming a Volleyball Player - My Story

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Becoming a Volleyball Player – My Story

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The sport that I play and find very intriguing is volleyball. Volleyball is a difficult sport to play, but it is easy to learn. Despite how volleyball is an underrated sport and people don’t take it as seriously as basketball or football, it is still a sport and you have to be able to run, jump, dive, and pass. Volleyball does not have a league like the NBA, NFL, or NHL in America. However volleyball does have an Olympic team called “Team USA” and many colleges offer volleyball in their athletic programs. There are many different things you must learn to become a volleyball player which knows the fundamentals of volleyball, knowing the rules of volleyball, and being athletic.

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I began playing volleyball in 6th grade. I was very intimidated on the 1st day of tryouts since all the girls were tall and already knew how to play. I met the assistant coach before tryouts started and asked her if she could give me a few tips before tryouts started and she showed me how to position my body when I am passing the volleyball. Once tryouts started the head coach separated all the players into groups by height. I was in the group with the tallest players, the head coach required my group to block and spike. Most of the girls already knew how to spike the volleyball, but I didn’t know how to spike the ball and the coach showed me the correct approach to spike the volleyball. I learned fast how to spike the ball once he showed me the correct approach to spike the ball which is left foot, right foot, left foot. The next part of the tryouts was blocking, he wanted to see how high we could jump over the net. This was the easiest part of the tryouts for me; I played basketball before volleyball so I already knew I could get over the net. The coach was very impressed with how high I could jump over the net, he used me as an example to show the other players how to jump while blocking at the net. My coach threw the ball at everyone to see if they could pass. He wanted us all to be able to pass the ball back to his hands so he could catch the ball without having to move. Most of the girls made mistakes and didn’t always get it in his hands, but he wanted to see if we could at least get the pass close to him. The last part of tryouts was to serve the ball while being across the court and get the ball over the net. The coach said we could either serve the ball under hands since we were beginners. The coach blew the whistle for each group to serve their ball over the net, most groups didn’t make there serves but everyone in my group including myself served the ball perfectly over the net.

When tryouts ended, I was able to learn the four main fundamentals of volleyball and I made my middle school volleyball team. Once I was told that I made the volleyball team my coach required everybody to read a book called official rules of volleyball. My teammates and I had to study the book, and then discuss what we learned at practiced. The book was mainly about what you can and cannot do in volleyball. Every time we learned a rule my coach would ask us to show him what we learned. The first rule my team learned is there can only be 6 people on the volleyball court at a time, 6 people on my team went on the court and into their positions. The second rule we learned is that if you step on the serving line while serving the other team gets a point and also gets the ball to serve. Towards the end of practice my coach would make every player serve the ball over 10 times alone across the net without stepping on the serving line. The last rule, we learned about in the book is that there can only be 3 passes which my coach calls it the “bump” “set” “and “spike”. For this rule during practice my coach made us do a drill where there could only be 3 passes and the ball must go over the opposite side of the net in 20seconds. These are only some of the rules we learned in the volleyball rule book.

The most important requirement in volleyball is being athletic. My volleyball coach had us do many physical activities such as running and jumping. Without being able to jump or run, then you could not play competitive court volleyball. My team had practice 4 times out of the whole week and my middle school coach would not allow us to have water breaks except if it was necessary. My coach told us that working out and eating healthy is a key essential if you want to continue to be athletic. I listened to everything my middle school volleyball coach taught me throughout high school which helped me to become a notable high school volleyball player in my town.

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