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Beginning With The End in Mind

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Why is it that most people naturally relate to one way if thinking? Anyone can begin with the end in mind, it may just look different for each individual, depending on their own personal lifestyles and mindsets. It does not matter if a person has an artistic or analytical path of thought, they still can find ways to plan effectively for the future they wish to achieve. In the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, it is stated that the second habit is beginning with the end in mind. For people with a creative mindset or creative workplace environment, they must learn to adapt and add wiggle room so that the creative process can run its course, and implement this habit effectively. .

There is often not a definite end to a creative project, as it is made up of working and reworking in order to create something the artist is satisfied with. No matter the the type of art or creation, it is common for an artist to end up with a completely different product than what the vision they began with, so in order to adapt habit #2 to this process, artists may need to end with the beginning in mind, instead of beginning with the end in mind. The meaning of this is that if an artist can look at their finished product and still have accomplished their original goal, then they have been successful in planning and motivating themselves, because solidified steps in art is not a system that will be productive. As stated by Salvador Dalí, a quote that has resonated with may artists is “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”. This quote is related back to the creative process, as it epitomizes the idea that habit #2 will look different for creative people, because there is no such thing as a perfect ending in art, only a stopping point that the artist is satisfied with. On the topic of allowing yourself wiggle room when implementing habit #2, if one forces themself to prematurely complete a project, as stated by Todd Henry, author of Accidental Creative, you will end up in a state of mind that is blocked, underperforming, and all together burned out. In order to avoid this, it will help a creative person to remember that the clock doesn’t push you when creating something that is completely your own, you simply have to push yourself to where you want to be. If your mindset tends to fall on the side of analytical, beginning to implement habit number 2 into your life it may be easy to come up with a strict plan, a plan with solid steps set into specific amounts of time. This has its benefits as well as its downfalls.

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Analytical people are often described to have strong math and logical skills, as well as critical thinking. As stated in “Left Brain vs. Right Brain Dominance: The Surprising Truth” By Kendra Cherry, these types of people like to have a plan, and stick to that plan. If a Logical person begins to implement habit #2 into their life, they may start out with strong motivation to follow the exact steps that they have laid out in their mind, but then may become frustrated if one of these steps does not go as planned, so analytical people may also need to practice and learn how to allow wiggle room for change into their lives. As famously stated by Albert Einstein, who is renownedly known as one of the most analytical people in recent history, “Education is not learning of facts, its training of the mind to think”. This quote may benefit people who have a difficult time going with the flow, or allowing themselves the courtesy of room to grow, because it pushes the idea that you have to retrain your own mind to get to the point you wish to be at, and if you allow yourself time, you are more likely to be satisfied with your current and future endeavors.

Though these two subtypes of thinking (creative and analytical) may be thought of as polar opposites, they do share many similar characteristics. As stated by Steven ganz on the topic of right vs left brain dominance, these two sides of the brain can still work together and cooperate, no matter which characteristics are more dominant in a person. Both types of people may need to take the time to think differently about how they need to approach the idea of beginning with the end in mind, because concrete steps towards the future you want will result in frustration and discouragement. Though the reasons behind this process may differ, they still involve the same concept. Creative people must allow themselves wiggle room so that the creative process can run its course, and analytical people must do this so that they don’t burn out and get frustrated because of the fact that their concrete steps aren’t falling into place as they want them to. Another aspect that both types of people have in common is that the first step to beginning with the end in mind is the mental manifestation before the physical creation. If one takes their time, and really thinks deeply about where they want to head in their life, they truly will become a highly effective person.

When it comes to the topic of personal motivation, many people become immediately discouraged, but this frustration is not necessary. If one allows themselves room to grow and develop a system that works for them, then they will be able to successfully begin with the end in mind.


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