Behaviorism of Romeo Through His Love Story with Juliet

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Romeo’s mind creates a spectrum of consequences for this reason, caused him his inevitable death. His mind leads him to think, feel, and act the way he does, and creates him to have emotions different from people during his time. Romeo is affected from his societal views and causes him to act in his manner of fervor. As a result, behaviorism effects Romeo’s emotions causing him to be different from others around him, thus leading to his tragic demise.

Behaviorism is when a learner is essentially passive, to respond to environmental stimulus. The learner gets data from reinforcement either negative or positive. This into concept, the learning is decrypted and defined as their behavior.” The sources of behavior are external, not internal” .Behaviorism is learned from experience as well as their surroundings around them. This idea would be especially accounted for how Romeo’s emotions affect him because of his surroundings.

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Gender roles during Romeo’s time was especially heinous towards women as they were treated like property and objects. People of that time believed that man was a dominance over woman. Throughout history, woman was to be at service for their husband to be there when they need them. As bad as it may be, the concept was depicted in Romeo and Juliet because at that time, they treated women poorly.” I was already your mother at your age” . At that time girls would be pregnant as mothers as young as 14 due to the fact that’s what they did back then. As well as in marriage they treated women to just be at service for their man. “Typically, marriages were conceived based on who could offer the greatest wealth, possessions, and status”.Romeo learned that’s how woman we’re to be treated he exclaims he’s “weak like a woman” as he compares that woman are weak to his distress like-state. Gender seen at this time period was man had more power over women.

Romeo’s friends have different emotions than him; however, they are best friends. Mercutio is wild and inappropriate as well as Benvolio too, but Romeo is depressed and sensitive about love. Romeo’s friends always seem to be encouraging him or making fun of him at times of good or bad. His friends were the ones to encourage him to go to the Capulet’s party and there how met Juliet. Romeo had a swift of affectionate love than how his friends are mainly about inappropriate behavior. Romeo’s father figure and good friend ,Friar Lawerence, gives Romeo advice throughout the play. “There are two opposing elements in everything in men as well as in herbs”. Romeo trusts Friar Lawrence’s advice because Friar Lawrence is Romeo’s most trusted person. Romeo’s friends have different emotions than him because of how Romeo takes in behaviorism from his friends and lead him to his fate.

Romeo’s behavior could as well be caused from his parents. Romeo’s emotions are different from Romeo’ parents because on how his parents were involved with his well being. That is to say that his parents parenting style would lead to his behavior. Romeo’s parents are uninvolved with Romeo which could explain why Romeo acts his manor because his parents had no much of an impact on him. Uninvolved parents have little knowledge as to their children’s lives.  “There tends to be few rules children may not receive much guidance, nurturing , and parental attention. When parents are uninvolved, children tend to struggle with self-esteem issues ”.This would also explain why Romeo’s parents are not in the play a lot. His parents are not caring of Romeo which leads him to his behavior.

On one hand, others may think Romeo’s emotions were not from others but was already decrypted from inheritance. In contrast, Romeo’s emotions are developed from behaviorism because of how he interacts with others around him causing him to act. In the play, he’s mainly seen with how his friends and Juliet effects his behavior to be actually different . It would be absurd to have taken Romeo’s own life from genetics inherent but how his love to Juliet and one’s around him came to be.

Consequentially, Romeo’s emotions are different from people at his time mainly caused from behaviorism factor.His friends are opposites from him but effect his emotions because of their friendship. Romeo’s parents are uninvolved in his life leading him to have his symptoms. People in that time believed things differently and Romeo accepted this fact because that’s how he was taught.In conclusion, Romeo’s emotions are different from people of his time for how behaviorism affects his behavior.

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