Behavioural Components of Oneselves and Benefits of Knowing Yourself

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  • Values.
    Life Mission and Meaningful Goals


The view that you have on yourself is called knowing yourself. The famous quote by Socrates saying that knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom Our self-concepts are not perfect with reality. There are many components that defines a person. Every individual's self-image is a mixture of different things like physical characters. According to Cal Rogers there are three different parts of self-concept. First one is self image, it means the way that you see yourself. Most probably self image is not coinciding with reality. But most of the people believe that the self image they have is better that at things than they really are. Then, everyone has self esteem. It means how much you value yourself. We have positive self-esteem and negative self-esteem. We are comparing us to other people behaviour and how they are responding to this behaviour. If people respond to that positively, it will develop positive self-esteem. Otherwise if they are responding to our behaviour negatively, it can have a negative impact on our self-esteem. The third one is Ideal self. It means how you wish you could be.

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The benefits of self knowledge are obvious. But everyone has to know themselves. There are some VITAL signs for self knowledge.


It is very important for a person to have good values. It defines our behaviour. Our society defines us according to the values we have. For example, the way that we make a decision or the way we helping others. According to me I think I have a good value in the society. Because I know how to take decisions and all. Each and everyone must have god values.


Everyone have their own interests in their life. It will be different when compared to others. It includes your passion or hobbies. In my case I like to play Badminton. I am a district champion in badminton. But now I am differently on other field. Because my natives they don’t like badminton. It shows my low self-esteem. Because I am aware of what others think.


It means your inborn preferences. The characteristics that you have when you are born. I am a short tempered person. But sometimes I need to control myself.

Life Mission and Meaningful Goals

In my life I had a goal that I would like to study in Canada. It was very difficult for me to reach that goal. But I knew that when I reach my goal my life will be settle. I struggled a lot to reach my goal and at last I did it. Now I am in Canada doing my graduation and I am so happy.


Everyone has their own strengths. We have to find our strengths. It can include our skills and talents. Our character strength can define as loyalty, intelligence, respect and so on. According to me I am loyal in what I am doing. For example, I am loyal in my job. Also I have respect to others. I treat everyone equally. That is my strength.


Everyone wants to know themselves. Because it is very important to know what you are. You have to decide for yourself the importance of knowing yourself. Knowing yourself can achieve anything. When we are aware of our strength and weakness we can do anything. Knowing yourself is about discovering who you are as a human. Knowing yourselves mean knowing your strength and weakness, your dreams, passion and hobbies etc. Knowing yourself helps decision making easier and you can handle the difficult situation easier. And we can see more opportunities that we were once blond to.

I’ve had those moments when I was not being myself in the work I do. I could tell it made my work much harder because of it. When I was doing my graduation I have to do a project. It was very difficult for me to do. Because I was unaware about my strengths. But I did it. I studied it and submitted it for further grading. I did it alone. At that time, I realised nothing is impossible. It was one of my strength. I worked in a much better fit that allows me to be true to myself. The teacher I worked under are amazed by how much work I can get done, I feel thrilled by my work. For me, the main benefit to be who I really am is Freedom. I really enjoyed it.

One of my strengths is sports. I like to play Badminton. But I didn’t know that I can play badminton. I was very shy to stand in front of others. So that I would not participate any stage programs. Because I had a feeling that everyone is teasing me. So I escaped from all. One day one of my teachers asked me to play badminton. I was so shy and I started to crying. But she didn’t allow me to go. I played. I won that match. I became so happy. That time I realised that I am good in playing that game. That time onwards I played every match. Fail or win, whatever it is I don’t care. I will participate. Now I am a state champion in badminton. I am so thankful to my teacher. When I won the first game I realised one of my strength. Till that time, I am unaware about that. Finding our strength has so many advantages. It will increase our confidence. Now I am not shy to stand in front of people. I can talk confidently in front of crowds. I achieve fame. So everyone has to find their own strengths.


Since the earliest times, humans are very sensitive to their surroundings to survive, which means that we have an awareness of our environment and seek out environments with certain qualities. In my culture, my families are very supportive. But my relatives or my natives they are not. So that my families have to hear what they are saying. Otherwise we cannot live in the society. But my parents they helped me a lot to achieve my dream.

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