Being a Marder: Are Serial Killers Born Or Made


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The definition of globalization is people come into contact. Globalization is how people from around the world interact with each other. It is the spread of culture in ways someone may or may not even realize. People react to each other in different aspects. Society continues to shape how each other lifestyles. Some are influenced substantially by globalization while others are influenced barely. America pop culture is extremely diverse culturally. Society has made a huge distinction between what is right and what is wrong. 

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Society is built on morals. There is a notion that murdering someone is wrong, but a serial killer is found to be much worse. The media continues to report murders, but not specific. The media continues to report about the anniversaries of massive events. It helps society mourn and to remember those who had their lives taken too early. Society continues to celebrate the anniversaries of mass murders. For example, people are preparing for the anniversary of Columbine. People continue to celebrate even after 20 years ago. Society never forgets events like these. Especially when this happened at a high school. There was a time where everyone in the school did not want to go back. The same goes for those who were lost in the Sandy Hook. People still to continue to mourn years after similar to the families of those murdered. The struggle for power is a huge thing. Serial killers struggle to find the power they seek. They want the ability to be in control of their victims. They find their happiness when their victims are dead. The feelings that it gives the serial killer can depend on the person themselves. Some work in pairs and there is always that one person that is in complete control. Having control makes people want to do whatever they feel fit to keep out of getting killed. The phenomenon of serial murders is not a new thing. Throughout all time, murders have been around. The definition of serial murders has not been around that long. Serial murders happen globally not simply in America. 

From TV shows to movies, we are constructed into believing murders is a certain way. The media have given society the idea that serial killers are men. There is not a lot of records about women serial killers. Based on media, most murders are made by men and not women. Media does not show much about women. There are also not many media that focus on other countries and if they have serial killers. There are also fictional serial killers like Freddy Krueger, Chucky, and Michael Myers. There should be a difference between real and fictional serial killers. It is distinguishing the differences between what made fictional serial killers seem realistic. Fictional serial killers are made to be exactly like the real ones. They find ways of making them as realistic, so people continue to watch each week. Some serial killers keep their killings a secret. It allows them to live a normal life, but yet not. The serial killer could be married and have kids. Their families would never know the secrets that they had. Some serial killers do their killing at night similarly like Dexter as presented further within. It helps to keep the serial killer’s identity a secret. They do not want to get caught unless the killer wants to get media attention. Serial “killers” is not a common thing. During the 1980s, they are numerous different serial killers. 

The social construct of serial murders has been linked to Hollywood. In current media, the TV show Dexter and Sherlock are well-known TV shows about fictional “serial killers”. The TV show that focuses on the psychology of serial killers is Criminal Minds. They try to understand why someone becomes a serial killer. There are a variety of different things that will trigger the urges to kill someone and make the victims disappear indefinitely. It will bring the killer joy to know that person will never see the light of day. They would profile of who would best fit the kills. This show would start with showing various crime scenes, and they would try to find who would best suit the specific crimes. Then, they would catch whoever the “serial killer” was. Under Marcel, “…it is a male, generally within the age range of 20 to 50 (plus), motivated to kill by some inner psychic force that has its basis in degenerative childhood and upbringing and experiences,”. This explains that due to childhood experiences makes people more prone to developing violent tendencies. When there are violent tendencies, the more likely the serial killer will have to act on those urges as soon as possible. There are many different aspects that are shown. This will analyze Jeffrey Dahmer and two similar serial killers. This will look at how they were raised growing up and any other factors that could influence the likelihood that they will become a “serial killer.” This will answer the question, “Are serial killers born or made.” Based on observations, it is clear that serial killers are made. 

Serial killers are influenced by surrounding peers. There is the chance that they kill because they hear voices within their heads. The voices make them believe what they are doing will help get them to go away. One recurring theme is what makes a serial killer. There are psychological aspects that theorists have considered. According to Andreas Bjerre, author of Psychology of Murder, “Self-deception is a psychological weapon of defense which every criminal must employ to an immeasurably greater than other human beings,”. This means that serial killers believe there is something wrong with society. They make themselves believe that they want to believe; no matter what the circumstance may be. Some serial killers think they are fulfilling their fantasies in the best way possible in their minds. They use defense meconium to hide violent behaviors. There are many ways culturally the world has responded to the ideals of what a serial killer really is. From movies to TV shows to books, they tell the stories of the world renown serial killers within the United States. There have been a lot of documentaries being done about serial killers and looking inside of their minds, and their pasts to determine what caused their violent behaviors to arise. Crime rates are most prevalent in cities that have huge populations and states too. It is very clear that high populations mean higher crime rates. It shows that there is a correlation between rising crime rates and the equivalent to rising populations in major cities around the world. In one case, a friend of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer made a comic book. It goes into all the details from his childhood to killing people. Dahmer went through a really hard time growing up. It makes us question whether his childhood played a major part in his rise to kill people. Aspects that could have played a major role would be the death of a family member, abuse of any kind, sexual assault as a child, or even bullying. Children exposed to horrific events can alter how they perceive society. They were unable to have a normal childhood like the rest of the children. When these things happen, it changes how the child reacts towards people. 

Some may become distant toward people or some may stop seeing people indefinitely. They will become scared of the places and things that remind them of the event. Some serial killers kill people that look similar to the person. For example: if someone was hurt by their mother, they are more likely to attack someone who shares similar qualities to their mother. It is like the serial killer wants the memory of the person to still be there when they are not. Serial killers are more likely to hold a grudge against people who hurt them and, in some cases, attack the person in general. Some children when they experience horrific events, they are more likely to attack the peers that surround them. The peer pressure can push serial killers to the “breaking point”. Some serial killers take it out on their peers is because they do not want to be reminded of that person. It causes more harm to the serial killer because they will do anything to make that person go away. Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960. He is an American serial killer and sex offender. He had a very normal childhood until when he became older. After he had surgery to repair his double hernia, he became a different little boy than before the surgery. Based on many documentaries that he became withdrawn from people. 

The media portrayed that he was bullied growing up based on the trailer of the movie My Friend Dahmer. Within the movie, he photobombed all the extra-curricular activities pictures. He felt like he was part of the groups even though he technically was not. The movie specifically looks at him in high school. The movie shows from a young age, Jeffrey was fascinated with dead animals. He would put them in chemicals so the flesh would become dissolved off and just leave the bones. During the movie, he once stole a fetal pig from the science lab. His dad became angry to the point that he “banished” Jeffrey from where his shed was. Jeffrey was given the shed when he was little. The shed represented his inner self and showing the isolation that he felt within himself. Once his father told him that he was not allowed in the shed anymore, and with time he eventually started making friends. Fun fact that he was in his high school’s band for a bit so he would look normal. He played trumpet in the band. He attended Ohio State University after graduating high school. He ended up dropping out after a couple of months. Typical serial killers kill small animals, and then gradually increase too much bigger. Looking at Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims, he preferred men of color. The age of his victims was at young as six and as old as 54. Society would see that as extremely odd and weird. According to Tithecott, author to Of Men And Monsters, “ Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer of mostly blacks, of mostly gays, is sometimes perceived as a “hate killer,” as a homophobe, as a racist,…, more, a fully-fledged serial killer, a figure imbued with mystery and power,”. It is extremely clear that Jeffrey struggled with his sexuality. He was unsure who he was more attracted to men or women. He knew he was different but did not want to admit how odd he really us. Jeffrey was originally sentenced to life in prison. Jeffrey was killed by other prisoners by head injuries. The cause of death was ruled a homicide. There is a difference in culturally about fictional serial killers. Despite them being fictional, there is a possibility that the fictional serial killer is based off a nonfictional serial killer. Looking at a semi-recent TV show explains that anyone could be a cold-blooded killer. There is a theory about profiling is shown by many different TV shows now. It is a needed skill for those in law enforcement, but as a criminal justice unit as a whole. It allows people to see who fits as close as the person as possible. The author Derf made a graphic novel about the life of Jeffrey Dahmer. It provided a funny but serious aspect to it. Comics are known to be funny similarly like superhero comics. The difference was the graphic novel is meant to show that the top of Jeffrey Dahmer is a very serious topic. It is not meant to inform people that there is nothing funny about what Jeffrey did to all those men. The profile for serial killer does change and are never constant. There is a character in Criminal Minds does an amazing job profiling people despite it being fictional. Reid can pick up patterns of things. Finding patterns is one of the biggest aspects that help catch serial killers. 

Most serial killers do the exact same thing when it comes to killings. Some will experiment with different things to see what makes him the way he is. There are many different shows that use how the scientific mind works in mysterious ways. The shows explain that there are still people would love studying what makes a serial killer a serial killer. Dexter Morgan is the main character in the TV series which ended in 2013. The media had a huge rating when it was seen on TV. According to Marcel Dancesi, “Dexter is a forensic blood spatter analyst by day, serial killer vigilante by night who eliminates those serial killers who have escaped justice,” . This shows how Dexter works for the local law enforcement, but also kills criminals. He worked for the Miami Police Department. His co-workers saw him be reliable. The police department depends on him to analyze the blood spatters. This means Dexter can find out how tall someone is, which hand the victim was killed, and which specific object was used. Within the series, on multiple occasions does Dexter almost get caught. Dexter abides by certain rules due to his father. Dexter gets profiled just like everyone else does. He does a great job not getting caught. Even though, Morgan is just like other serial killers. He would cut a little slit on the cheek, so he would take a little drop of blood to keep track of how many victims he had. Dexter kept that he was a serial killer from everyone around him. He even fell in love with a girl that ended up killing a guy. It is unclear who specifically is the tv show Dexter is based on. There are two men that are rumored to be the reasoning behind the infamous cop who murdered bad people. The media portrayed him that we never got caught. One of the two guys who is rumored to be the influence of the TV show is Pedro Rodrigues Filho. He is originally from Brazil. The other guy is Manuel Pardo who is from Florida. They both have qualities that could be the reasoning behind the making of the TV show. The only difference between Filho and Pardo is that one of them was released from prison. 

The other was executed by lethal injection. Pedro Rodrigues Filho is a Brazilian serial killer. There is a huge difference between media that captures the serial killers in the United States of America and other countries around the world. According to Psychopedia, “Pedro Rodrigues Filho was born at a farm in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, south of Minas Gerais, with an injured skull, the result of beatings his father has bestowed upon his mother’s womb during a fight,”. This shows that Pedro may have turned out differently if he was not exposed to the injury. This showed that family influences caused Pedro to be more prone to violence. Based on observation, Pedro was probably abused by his father. He is not exactly Dexter, but similar. He is responsible for at least 70 murders in which 10 he committed before he was only 18. He would be defined as the perfect “sociopath”. There was not a lot of global recognition from Pedro. Even though he had murdered many people, he was released back into the community. Despite the horrible past, he had done to his community. Pedro was released from prison after only serving 30 years. There are major differences between laws in the United States and laws in other countries. This shows that some countries do not have the death penalty and how serial killers could get off easy in other countries. Manuel Pardo was born on September 24, 1956. He served in the United States Navy in which he graduated top of his class. According to the Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, “On May 7, 1986, Prado and 25-year-old Roland Garcia were arrested on murder charges, accused in the execution-style of drug dealer Ramon Alvero Cruz and his girlfriend, Daisy Ricard, who was shot and killed on April 23,” . This shows that an ex-cop shot and killed a drug dealer. He is quite similar to Dexter to be exact. The only main difference is that Dexter was a serial killer who worked as a cop. Pardo was a former cop and killed people who were involved in the narcotics business. He wanted to see people pay for what they had done to me. There is a huge difference between someone who killed 70 people and someone who killed nine people. Manuel Pardo from the United States was sentenced to lethal injection. Pardo only killed nine people. Filho killed 70 people and he was released from jail. Filho was not from the U.S. This shows how serial killers in other countries are treated. Brazil does not believe in the death penalty. They only get so many years in prison and then released back into society. By allowing Filho back into society, he has the likelihood that he will commit another murder again adding onto his finished sentence. Jeffrey Dahmer and Pedro Filho are quite similar in degrees. Both of them explored the idea of cannibalism. Cannibalism is the practice by humans who eat other internal organs of other humans. The only difference between the two is that Pedro had started eating his father’s heart. There is an idea that if someone eats other humans’ beings gives them supernatural powers. It is unknown as to why they would want to eat human flesh and organs. Both of them killed their first victim at a very young age. Both of them wanted a sense of power and security. There was a study done in 2013 by Radford University that explored where the most serial killers are. 

The United States had a record number of 2,320. The second highest was England with only 116. This shows that the United States has a huge population. It poses a question of why people can’t get along for. South Dakota is on the lower end of serial victims. South Dakota has very few records of having serial murders happening. Rather Washington D.C. and California were on the higher end of the spectrum due to the amount of population. South Dakota does not have a lot of population. Serial killers attack in cities that have a lot more people and no one would know they were gone. Rather, attacking someone who is from a smaller town, there are people that would know if the person would go missing. It will be easier to find the evidence needed to be used within the court. Media continue to have a major impact on what makes a serial killer. The media continues to explore what truly makes someone a serial killer. For example, there has been a movie made about John Wayne Gacy. He was the infamous Pogo the Clown. The movie focuses on a horrible idea of him called It. This movie explored the horror side of what John Wayne Gacy did to the little kids. Gacy knew that children were easy to catch. Children will do anything for a piece of candy or even for a red balloon. Most children would not be scared of a clown when clowns used to be a birthday party favor. There was a massive scare when the movie It came out. According to Tim Cahill, author of Buried Dreams, “The defense led off with Jeff Rignall, who testified that John Gacy picked him up, chloroformed him, chained him into some sort of restraining device, raped him anally, and generally tortured him all night long. This showed that John Gacy tortured his victims. It shows that some victims were able to escape the tortures that he gave on the boys. It is unclear how many victims he tortured that were not recorded. John Wayne Gacy victims were mostly teenage boys. He also struggled with whom he was attracted too. He was uncomfortable coming out to people about him being possibly “gay”. Also, there has been a recent movie made about serial killer Ted Bundy. It shows how more people are interested in understanding the mind of a “serial murder” is really like. Ted Bundy also struggled with sexual attraction to men. They have done a lot of documentaries about him. There was a recent movie made about how he had a girlfriend and he had a daughter too. He lived like a normal guy, but also had a dark side that killed boys. It shows how much someone could know about someone and they are living a secret life in the eyes of them.

 Most serial killers struggle is with not knowing whom they are attracted to either to women or to men. They try using killing people to figure out which males or females give them more of an “adrenaline” rush. It will try to help them choose. They may or may not even come out to their families. Serial killers may think that if they come out, they will be disowned by their families. Serial killers are already separated from the general public. Society has labeled them the worst of the worst. It is especially hard on the families of those that are taken way too early. In some cases, the serial killers will not get the sentence they deserved. Currently, society continues to get rid of the death penalty. If the state does not have a death penalty, the serial killer will most likely be sentenced to life in prison without parole. They will stay in jail until they die within the prison walls. The family of the ones murdered will never get the peace they need when the killers are just sitting in jail. Most serial killers are already ready to die. The killer is aware of what he or she has done so why spend the money to keep them in jails for years. It costs the United States taxpayers more money to keep them alive. There are a lot of different people that do not believe in the death penalty. 

Some serial killers do not make it to their sentence. For example, in South Dakota, there is only one record of a serial killer. His name was Robert Leroy Anderson. He ended up hanging himself prior to his sentence. It shows that serial killers would rather kill themselves than be sentenced to either life in prison or the death penalty. Once the prisoners find out what you did to get there, the prisoners will get after you. The expectations are higher to end their lives than being stuck being bullied for what they did. They find it better to skip the pain and just find their way out of it all. One example of a serial killer that did not make it far in prison was David Parker Ray. He is originally from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. He died in prison as a result of a heart attack. He was serving a sentence term of over 223 years. He was known by a nickname as the “Toy-Box killer”. The reasoning behind the nickname was that he used a metal box with a hole on one side. David would open the box up and put his victim’s head in the hole on the side. He would then close the box which latched in the front. He would then lock the box with key locks. After this was finished, he would then torture his victim. It kept David from seeing his victim’s face during the process. He lived seven miles out of his hometown. He was isolated from the entire community. He was sent to prison from kidnapping and sexually torturing two women and eventually murdering 3 children. During the 90s, the population of the city was only 3,000 people. He would trick his victims by disguise himself so the victims could trust him into thinking he was a decent neighborhood. The use of isolation help disguises his ability to torture people without people hearing the screams. He also lived by Elephant Butte Lake. Ray basically had everything he needed to live good enough on his own. He used only three strategies that got his victims attention. He would tell people a heartbreaking story. A story that would get his victims to let him in the house because they felt sorry for him. Once inside their house, he would kidnap them and take them out to his house. This shows the powerfulness he has over the victims to not get caught within the community. Another way was Ray would make the victims think they won something. He would bring the victim the made-up amount of money and do whatever was necessary to get them out to his house. The last way involved cutting the phone line at their houses. He would then ask the victim if he would do anything to help. In all these ways, he was able to kidnap his victims. It is unclear to how many victims he had. None of the victims were ever found. Looking at a picture of the house of David Ray, he had a barn on his property. This would help keep his victims separated from the general public/community. He took huge majors to not get caught. It is unclear if David was not a social person. It is clear that he may have worshipped Satan. Killing people is said to help bring eternal life. 

Sacrificing people is supposed to mean that David trying to prove himself. It is supposed to show that he would kill to become closer to Satan. This shows how the influence on religious aspects can influence the ideals that contribute to serial killers. Looking at basic music, there are many different genres and animes now that changes how someone views killing someone. There is no problem to them taking the risk. The rates of serial killers have decreased. It was more prevalent before the 2000s. The media will continue to shy away from talking about a serial killer. It used to be a more interesting topic, but recently it has been. It could protentional be further researched if the media continues to release movies about these serial killers. It was easier to find serial killers now than how it was back then. The trend has been a thing of the past. Some serial killers have prior serial killers that they find inspiration for. It is how some serial killers find the source of their kills. For example, some serial killers like to use guns or some use knives. There are many different other ways that serial killers kill their victims. Rather some hide their victims from other communities. Knives take care of the victim fast or slow depends on the serial killer. Some seek out slashing the victim’s neck and it ends it quickly. Some perform multiple stabs, or some just perform one stab to the heart. While others may prefer slicing the victim’s wrists. The victim will start to bleed out slowly. Eventually, the victim will lose too much blood and due to lack of blood. Some serial killers have a ritual that they do. Some serial killers have a thing where after they kill their victims, they go back and visit their bodies. It shows that they lack empathy. 

Most serial killers do not care that their victims end. Lacking empathy can start at any time even as early as childhood. Lacking empathy comes from either genetics, the environment they are in, some type of disease, and or trauma. The globalization of technology continues to grow. Forensic use can help solve cold cases that have still been open. It shows how society has changed when it took a long time to find serial killers than it takes now. Technology continues to advance every year. In the future, the process of finding murders will continue to get shorter. One example of how forensics continues to advance is the recent case that happened in South Dakota. A case about a passed away infant in the ditch years ago. DNA evidence proved the person who was the mother of the child. The police department was able to charge her for the crime she had committed decades before. The children of serial killers continue to speak out about their parents. They understand their parent took someone’s life; they continue to love them. Some may or may not know why their parent would want to do that to another person. It does revolve around how their parents raised them. The children of serial killers continue to believe their parents still think they are good. Despite their mental health started to decline and they aren’t the same person. In conclusion, most serial killers share a lot of things in common. They struggle with finding who they are. Serial killers do not know where they fit in with the world.

 Serial killers are isolated from the rest of society. They try to find ways to make them fit in more with society. Eventually, the study of serial killers will just become a topic of the past. The rates that serial used to be were extremely higher than they currently are now. Globalization continues to influence the media which then influences our interests. The media continues to explore the minds and reasons behind serial killers. Media and globalization control our society. The media keeps the society informed of what is going on within the world. Without the help of media, no one would know anything that is going on. There wouldn’t be any movies and others being made about serial killers. There are museums that people can go see the artifacts of serial killers. The society is able to remember the bad times throughout history. People are able to interact with historical figures. By providing movies and others, allows for people to get a glimpse of a time when some people remember being there.  

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