Being a Student Athlete: Struggles of Combining Sport and Studies

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  • Balancing and Time management of Student-Athlete
  • Student-Athletes’ Social Life
  • Benefits of Being a Student-Athlete
  • Disadvantages of Being a Student-Athlete

Every student contestant has the unvarying task to check and view, it's like having two daytime jobs in step with life Fitness magazine. Being one proved to be a challenge, associated in Nursing, an opportunity to develop one’s leadership and organization skills. Student-athletes perform wonderful acts each within the schoolroom and in their sport, however, the foremost wonderful deed is the reconciliation act they need to try and do every day. Outside of school, there’s sleep, meals and food, and maintaining a social life (Fiedler, 2016). Dedication in sports, passion, and commitment are the ones needed in being an athlete and at the same time to be a consistent student. Their day revolves around practices, however, in addition, they need to find the time to get their assignments done. Student-athletes dedicate a lot of time for the sport they love, while additionally balancing the existence of being a student. Even though it is difficult, they may be getting to comply with their ardor and compete on the collegiate stage for his or her sport. Hardwork and determination drive these athletes (McIntyre, 2018). 

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Many student-athletes begin and finish their days once the sun is down. Within the morning, they spend their time within the school room and by participating in class. After class, these athletes are heading to their exercise or everyday training. Athletes undergo lengthy and bodily enduring practices. Groups cowl drills, group scrimmages and, of course, conditioning (Bock, 2016). Finishing a tiring day, they do their homeworks, projects, and study for approaching quizzes or exams in the following day. Student-athletes are as successful as any students with their lecturers. One example is a former UP Fighting Maroon scholar, Jett Manuel. He took up engineering, a course several concede to be difficult, in one of the highest universities within the Philippines. He did it whereas being one in every of the highest players for the UP Fighting Maroons in UAAP (University Athletics Association of the Philippines). He is currently conjointly accredited engineer when passing the applied scientist licensure communicating and is additionally enjoying for the Ginebra Gin Kings within the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). He's only one of the many exemplary student-athletes UN agency created it huge on the far side their faculty. (Ferrer, 2018).

Balancing and Time management of Student-Athlete

Stability is important for any student-athlete because competitive sports activities and lecturers work side with the aid of aspect the lifestyles of a student-athlete. Balance is an actual venture due to the fact training is vital to a young athlete's’ lifestyles. but one has to prepare and prioritize targets correctly. The maximum vital for a scholar is to parent out while his or her tests and midterms could be. For an athlete, the most important is to discover when competitions are happening. (Uribe, 2016).

The most crucial key to balancing between lecture and sports is mastering to control your time. Controlling and mastering your time is really important in every student-athlete, it benefits your performance in academic and at the same time, the focus, which is sports (Williamson, N.Y). Understand how to arrange their lives in order to have time to finish college work expeditiously and on time, get rest, and be social with their friends. Student-athletes typically sacrifice tutorial work to pay time within the athletic facility, practicing, build up strength, staying in condition and learning a way to play at intervals system. They've not hardened execs, therefore, the learning method takes time as they mature. It's an equalization act, nearly like walking on a rope, with the athletes juggling hours to meet their obligations in lecturers and sports (Henson, 2013). This can be necessary for anyone, however, particularly for student-athletes have a wholly totally different responsibility that regular students don't should keep track of (N. A). There’s no mystery that being a university scholar-athlete is tough work and takes first-rate time control and balancing capabilities, but in conjunction with that tough work comes many wonderful blessings and capacity lifestyles changing possibilities. It's necessary for student-athletes to apply wise time management so as to succeed academically, socially, and athletically (Williamson, N. Y). A scholar-athlete has to be always attentive to no longer overwork himself past positive limits for you to reduce the ability for mental and bodily harm. balance, subject, and enterprise are the pillars for a scholar-athlete and optimizes one’s success (Uribe, 2016).

Student-Athletes’ Social Life

Several studies were accomplished on student-athletes. Miller (2002) observed how the 3 spheres which are the academics, athletics, and social life, interrelated and the effect each had on the other in student-athletes. Further, Miller (2002) located that even though student-athletes benefited from an instantaneous social assist device of their group, their social interactions outdoor of athletics were confined and decreased at some stage in the years. This slim social interaction is an instance of the way being a scholar-athlete affects a man or woman's social and emotional existence. Furthermore, Valiente et al. (2012) studied how educational achievement is connected to the emotional lifestyles of college students.

Student-athletes sleep, eat and have a social life outside the school (Fiedler, 2016). They don’t have time for parties like the normal students have. They spend most of their social life with their team because of practices and same schedules (Fiedler, 2016). The day’s hours start passing a student-athlete by and the chance of a sociable life becomes nearly impossible (Bender, 2017). Between studying, classes, games, and practices, their social life’s only source is their team (Bender, 2017). Their circle of friends revolves within their teammates or their group. Student-athlete doesn’t have enough time to do any socializing with other people outside the group. Most of the student-athletes lack the social life they need because of the practices and training they need to do before these things.

Benefits of Being a Student-Athlete

Students-athletes frequently sense the pressure to carry out well on the sphere, and the delivered pressure can detract them from their instructional or social achievements (Montesi, 2019). There are many benefits to consider in being a student-athlete. The personal traits, one develops as a high faculty athlete are: teamwork, perseverance, duty, bodily patience, commitment, time management, and personal and emotional fitness. The student-athlete learns to work nicely and alongside others. Teammates depend upon and support each other to reach a not unusual intention. A student-athlete shows loyalty to teammates through being dependable and responsible, displaying up for all practices and setting forth his or her fine bodily and intellectual attempt (Keelan, 2019). An emotional benefit, sports can be a reason for a discount of suicidal thoughts and dispositions in young adults (Psychological). Finding a sport and participate in it often causes an experience of happiness and it reduces the chance of sadness as well as melancholy (Psychological) (Sankoh, 2016). Provides physical and long positives. Given the number of school assignments, and also the occasional stint at field organizations, student-athletes tend to master self-discipline and time management (Bautista, 2015). In this way, student-athlete learns a new way of being independent. According to Blue Booter Carlo Liay (N.Y), a jock since elementary has been able to manage his time and garner further soccer exposure. Declared that “I had to pander to the reconciliation of coaching job and lecturers. It had been everything however simple. Soccer clubs in Italia are freelance entities from the colleges. Therefore, no excuses are accepted by academics for any sport event”. explains Liay, who grew up in a European country, wherever soccer could be a most celebrated sport (Bautista, 2015).

Besides student-athletes being additional active, they are additional seemingly to pursue different positive manner selections. As an example, studies show that a student that's additional active is additional seemingly to eat additional fruits and vegetables (Davis, N.y). Collaborating in sports also can be a deterrent for different unlawful or malicious behavior. Studies in 2000 show that athletes are less seemingly to interact in smoking and different illicit drug taking, chiefly due to their athletic affiliation (Davis, N.y).

Disadvantages of Being a Student-Athlete

Being a student-athlete actually comes with its downsides not only the benefits of being one of it. One of the largest cons as a student contestant isn't having the ability to travel out as typically like the normal students who don’t participate in sports. However, there are several athletes that participate in sports as a result of they like to not venture out (Lamotte, 2017). Being on a sports team comes with an exceptionally busy time table because of practice and games that take place six days every week. Student-athletes who always sacrifice their bodies to sports every day may be terribly troublesome to accommodate. It’s bodily draining due to practices and weights and walking across campus to be on time to magnificence. Being a collegiate athlete can be unfavorable to their mental fitness as well. University itself is stressful sufficient, but adding, being an athlete can make that load a hundred instances more difficult (Pitchford, 2018). Unhealthy performance of the athlete can also cause a negative impact to rendition. This leads to experiencing stress. Sports psychologists are in high demand because parents, coaches, teams, and schools put undue pressure on young athletes to perform well every time they step on the field, court, or track (Lindholm Ph.D., 2017).  

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