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Being Grateful and Thankful

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It regularly takes a catastrophe to wake us up, to make us reconsider our lives and acknowledge what we have. The purpose behind this is when catastrophe strikes, everything turns out to be quickly organized. You understand what is essential most and what you care about and anything that isn’t fundamental is disregarded. However, when things are going great, it can be simple to overlook the blessings in our lives. We can underestimate our wellbeing or the connections we are sufficiently blessed to have.

Consistently we are honored with such a significant number of things that occur, beginning with the fact that we wake up in the morning to another day ahead. Furthermore, every day, each one of us has something to be thankful for. Here and there these things are exceptional, for example, finding an incredible line of a work offer. Now and again they are little, for instance, morning coffees and good hair days. Be that as it may, the more we center around what we must be appreciative for in our lives, the simpler it will be to manage the difficulties that we may face in life.

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First and foremost, I’m grateful to my parents for all that they’ve accomplished for me. They’ve dedicated the best and the most beneficial long periods of their life to raise a cheerful person. There were tough times when they tightened their belts to buy things I needed and to make my life better. They care for me when I’m sick, taking me to the doctor, paying for any medication the specialist prescribes me and cooking soup to make my stomach feel better. My parents support me unconditionally and teach me the value of hard-working, benevolence and also altruism. I am grateful for having parents that will paradoxically lovingly scold me. No one knows you better than your parents. They know how to talk to you, give you the right advice, and tell you not to make the mistakes they made. I am grateful for having two parents that will support me in anything I do. If I come up with the idea of going into volleyball, there they are, taking me to volleyball class every Monday. I’m grateful for having two loving, supportive, and even scolding parents, whom I will always love with all of my heart.

Sometimes, I think back to the last time I had a major cold or flu – the last time I had a fever and body aches. The thousand daggers in my throat, the puffy, burning eyes, the roaring headache, the plugged sinuses, clogged lungs, and the crippling fatigue. In the throes, I couldn’t imagine (as most of us do) what it was ever like to be healthy. I could scarcely remember what life had been like three days ago when I was lifting weights, laughing at school, entertaining myself at home, and sleeping soundly. Quick forward, and it’s a Bermuda Triangle of mental demoralization and physical hopelessness. Besides, this is only a cold or influenza… (Many individuals endure with so much worse than that). All things considered, it’s a relatable outline of an undeniable truth: we will, in general, underestimate our wellbeing until it’s all of a sudden gone. However, what does it really mean to show gratitude towards health? A great deal, I think. At its most fundamental level, it tends to be a ‘there but by the grace of God go I’ feeling we get when somebody we know died of a heart attack or gets cancer. The news jolts us into awareness with our mortality, health being what keeps us on the opposite side. Being grateful for my health implies more than appreciation for being alive itself. Wellbeing is considerably more than capacity itself – more than living, more than functioning. By augmentation, being appreciative for our wellbeing implies perceiving the more profound elements of health itself.  


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