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Being Overwhelmed by Emotions Before My High School Graduation

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People are not joking around with you when they say that high school goes by quick. I still feel like I am a freshman entering a new environment with new people. But instead I am a senior, the top of the class, the oldest in the school, the one people look up to. I expect that this year will go by in a flash. Some instances will undoubtedly feel like they go too slow, but the days spent wishing for graduation to come will fly by and soon I will be sitting among the people I’ve spent the past two years with, wondering when I’d be able to wear that red gown and walk across the stage to grab my diploma and then throw my cap into the air because yes, we finally did it.

I’m expecting to have a good year, and hopefully a big step up from junior year. I know applying for college is stressful and that may consume me at times, I’m expecting to have fun and to get involved with everything. Everything. The school musical, an unexpected sport, the talent show, attend every pep rally and sports game because I know I will never experience anything like it again. I’m expecting closure. Closure with those whom I’ve fought with and closure with those whom I may never see again, because what is the good in leaving things left unsaid. I also expect a lot of tears.

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A lot of tears because of homework and deadlines, but also tears because the future is scary. Because maybe the college I want to go to actually accepted m. Tears because I have to leave all of my friends behind. Tears because, although I will keep in touch with some, there are friends that I am only friends with simply because of the fact that we go to school together or because god only put them in my life for a season and now that season is up.

I’m expecting a lot of changes, and I’m okay with it. I know many people will be either trying to get in as much time as possible with those they love or they’ll be trying to distance themselves so as to make the goodbye easier. Whichever happens, I am ready for both. Because I know I will be trying to do the same.. It sucks. It does. But I am expecting that this year I will learn to say goodbye. Because senior year is about the goodbyes to your old life, and a hello to your future, and I’m excited to see what exactly that future has in store for me.


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