Belgium's Stance on the Food Security in the United Nations

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Global TV networks expose the cries of help from mothers who fail to feed their hungry children, and these cries are caused by food insecurity. Food insecurity refers to a lack of access to healthy, well nutritioned food. As of 2019, 17.2% of the world faces food insecurity and around 12.1 percent of the world remains hungry. This problem majorly takes place in Yemen, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Central African Republic, Chad and an extensive amount of more countries. Nutrition and food are things humans need to survive, and without access to these basic provisions, we could be looking in the eyes of a worldwide hunger problem. This greatly impacts the macrocosm, taking 9 million lives in just one year.

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On December 17, 1979, the United Nations reached a milestone with the Universal Declaration on the Eradication of Hunger and Malnutrition under General Assembly resolution 3348. It was adopted to adequate food nutrition and acquire a technique to evenly distribute food among different nations and parts of the world. The first Sustainable Development Goal consists of ending poverty, which is one of the main causes of food insecurity. Furthermore, the second Sustainable Development Goal is zero hunger. Unequal distribution of income leads to poverty which in return deprives people of buying basic necessities, food being a major one. The UN clearly highlights the security of food as a crucial and an important factor of working towards Envision 2030.

Belgium believes that food security is a severe issue that needs an urgent solution. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Cooperation for Belgium Alexander De Croo stated, 'Tackling food insecurity is one of the priorities of Belgium’s humanitarian assistance.' Belgium has also worked with organisations such as WPF in order to work towards solutions to eradicate food insecurity. The WPF publicly declared 'Belgium is a trusted, reliable and flexible WFP partner in Palestine,'. We have financially and socio economically contributed to Palestine in order for them to find a way out of their endure-filled days. Maintaining bilateral relations with countries majorly struggling with food insecurity such as Yemen and Pakistan, Belgium looks forward to helping out in any way financially affordable for us and fighting against poverty. We also look forward to proposing solutions in order to extirpate food insecurity.

Belgium would like to propose the Subsistence Meal Design. This framework introduces an organisation funded by the IMF that would restrain world hunger or famine. We believe that if all the ambassadors in the conference room are able to put our differences aside and find common ground, we truly can find successful and significant ways that are steps towards extirpating food insecurity. The Subsistence Meal Design proposes the usage of funds from the IMF and also supporting countries in order to provide food for the 17.2% of the world that continues to suffer. We strongly postulate that this is not a modern day problem, but it does require a modern day solution that can only be achieved through communication done through peace, not retaliation or violent receptivity. Belgium strongly believes in our motto, Unity makes strength.

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