Benefit and Harm of Trampoline Jumping for Children and Adults

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Who from kiddies does not like to trampoline jumping? Of course, all the fidgets with pleasure jump, receiving from this a lot of fun. Knowing this, adults with the onset of the warm season set in the parks, near playgrounds and in other interesting for the restless places large colorful trampolines. Of course, such entertainment is considered purely childish. However, the parents of small fidgets do not deny themselves such pleasure and with joy if there is such an opportunity to jump along with their mischievous. It turns out that this is not only very fun, but also useful for health.

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What is the benefit of trampoline jumping for adults?

Jump like a child, and splash out all your emotions is not shameful. Moreover, such pastime is gaining in popularity, and special sections are being created where it is possible to jog in the company of the same jumping enthusiasts, to give yourself and others an excellent mood. It turns out that some people even organize special trampolines at home. By himself, he can replace even an exercise bike and become an excellent alternative to aerobic exercise. Thanks to jumps, the vestibular apparatus perfectly trains. Such exercises can train him, develop, do better at times, and at the same time improve coordination of movements. This favorite by children of different ages, the hobby is very useful for the muscles of the back, as well as the spine. Thus, it can be the prevention of such a common disease as osteochondrosis and be used in the treatment of ailment.

All those who are not allowed to run and lift weights for health reasons can stop at such an interesting pastime. It is believed that jumping on various trampolines is an excellent aerobic load. So eight minutes of fascinating actions replace three kilometers of cross-country. In addition, the work of the intestine improves, the elasticity of the skin and endurance increases, the respiratory system and all muscle groups without exception are reduced, the risk of heart and vascular diseases decreases, and the psycho-emotional state improves.

Why is it useful for children to jump on trampolines?

Especially love this popular entertainment of the kids. For a growing body trampoline is really indispensable. Parents pay attention to the fact that children are very fond of jumping. But it’s not so important where – on the couch, on the bed or even on the pillows. Thanks to such a fun pastime, the child can direct his energy in the right direction. Parents, in turn, will not once again ask themselves what to do with their mischief. The benefit of such enthusiasm is obvious – the kid is active, sleeps well and has an excellent appetite.

Can I lose weight by jumping on a trampoline?

Often it is recommended to jump on trampolines for everyone who wants to lose weight. And there is nothing surprising in this, because the trampolines themselves play the role of some simulators. Through a fun pastime, oxygen consumption increases, metabolic processes are accelerated; the body uses calories more quickly and consumes excess kilograms by observing proper nutrition. The trampoline is quite capable to replace various aerobic loads. All overweight people are sometimes very difficult, and sometimes even not allowed to practice ordinary sports because of the heavy burden on the legs, joints and feet.

Such people are recommended to start solving the problems of excess weight with the usual walking, swimming and, of course, jumping on beloved by many trampolines. Training is not able to load knee joints. As a result, they do not experience significant loads during running or training in the gym. However, during repulsion from a special springing surface, the human muscles are spontaneously able to strain and begin to move. This load is ideal for those who have not practiced for a long time.

When can jumping cause harm?

Speaking about the benefits, we cannot help saying the possible harm of jumping on the trampoline. Such training is not recommended:

  • in cardiovascular diseases;
  • during oncology;
  • with tachycardia;
  • with diabetes mellitus;
  • if there is thrombophlebitis.

Anyone who does not have any contraindications can devote time to this fascinating occupation. A sea of emotions, a cheerful atmosphere and health benefits are guaranteed to everyone who loves jumping on trampolines.

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