Benefits and Limitations to the Curriculum Vitae

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A curriculum vitae (CV) is an overview of one's school and working experience alongside other certain qualifications. A common misconception of a CV in the general populous is that it is simply a résumé. However, this is not the case, the curriculum vitae is a deeper look into one's overall experiences and achievements chronologically at a much higher detail, which can span to possibly two or more pages varying from person to person. Promptly sending a curriculum vitae by possible way of private email undoubtedly has its practical benefits and its ultimate downfalls. A major benefit to this communication method is the ability to access the document almost instantly from any device. It reduces the amount of time the business would take using the traditional walk-in application while also providing safer means of document storage.

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The cloud, more frequently known as the internet, generously gives the applicant a possible backup storage online. This reassures the selected applicant that in the unforeseeable event of a possible system failure or physical document loss, that their personal and business documents are safely secured for later access and transfer. However, as safe as it may sound, this modern method of legal document transfer isn't consistently the most effective method to apply. During a transfer, numerous things may occur like a minor typo when transmitting the email which as a result leads to the CV never reaching its desired destination. In addition, the executives account could be allegedly hacked, inevitably leading to multiple hazards; in particular, possible identity theft. In comparison to the more established tradition of walk-in applications, however, you are ungiven the customary benefits, for example; delivering the cover letter and curriculum vitae in person allows you to introduce yourself to the hiring manager while also leaving a memorable first impression.

Additionally, due to the email communication method, it also increases the number of possible applicants throughout the process which may lead to a large gap in terms of when it was sent and when you’ll receive a response. The number of curriculum vitae to be assessed and compared for only one position may be so great, that it prolongs the time it would initially take to reach other sections of employment. On the other hand, there also arises possible rules and regulations of the organization; which may bar any unsolicited walk-ins to prevent the disruption of the operating environment. Through emailing the curriculum vitae, it relieves the company of constant paperwork in regards to manually scanning each physical resume copy, alongside manually entering each considered applicant into the company physical database.

As a result, there comes a boost in overall productivity. Therefore, disregarding the company's policies may result in less likelihood of a later interview. There are many measures the company can put in place to solve the limitations of this communication method. One such measure is encryption and emailing of the considered applicant's CV to the company’s main email. Encryption simply means that the email will be protected through means of necessary authentication. This reassures both parties that the document will be safely stored as a backup in case of a company database malfunction, while also reducing possible threats of hacking.

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