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Benefits and Ways of Protecting Consumers

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Brief Introduction to consumer protection

Consumer protection involves safeguarding the consumer from exploitation by producers and other business people. Consumers, for example, have the right to be informed, the right for safety and the right to be heard. In attempts to maximize profits, business people may be tempted to violate some of these rights. Therefore, to ensure that commodities being sold are of good quality and quantity, there is need for consumer protection. This essay discusses the need for consumer protection and some of the government-initiated methods that may be used for consumer protection.

Need for consumer protection

To ensure that consumers are protected from the sale of harmful commodities which could adversely affect their health, there is need for consumer protection. For example, drugs and other basic consumer goods must have expiry dates printed on them to enable consumers determine whether or not they are consumable or not. In addition, there is need for consumer protection in order to ensure that consumers of goods and services are charged fair prices for the commodities that they purchase (Papparldo, 2012).

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In addition, consumers may not always know much about a product. Producers and other business people might take advantage of their ignorance to exploit them through false advertising. As a result, in order to protect consumers of goods and services from such exploitation, there is need for consumer protection (Papparldo, 2012).

Government-initiated methods of consumer protection

The government ensures that the rights of the consumers are upheld through setting national quality standards and ensures that commodities are of the required standards.The set standards must be maintained by producers and traders. The bureaus also ensure that commodities are examined and tested before being sold to the consumers.

Moreover, the government ensures that equipment used for weighing and measuring are correct and accurate. This is done through having a weights and measures act. This act ensures that there is regular checking and adjusting of the equipment to ensure that consumers are not conned into buying quantities that are below the normal value.

Furthermore, the government ensures producers of goods and services do not cheat or provide wrong descriptions of goods. This is achieved through having trade description act or the sale of goods act. The act also requires that goods offered for sale are of good quality and of the right standards.


In conclusion, governments should set up laws to ensure that consumer rights are upheld and to protect them from exploitation by unscrupulous traders and sellers. In addition, the protection of consumers ensures that health standards of goods are maintained.


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