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Benefits for Foreigners to Work in China

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The latest HSBC survey shows that China is the favorite destination for expatriates in the world. “ high wage, good welfare, delicious food and much places for fun! ”, there is no doubt that China became the favorite destination for the outside staff after HSBC visited more than 7000 staff for expatriates in 100 countries, and Singapore and Germany are second and third. At present, more and more western would like to go to China. Some of them are going there for studying, some are interested in working in China. So here is the question “why are so many westerners would like to go to China ?”

Westerners look forward to go to China, it is not only because the country always give a feeling of freshness to them, but also because can enjoy a good economic treatment in China. Foreign employees can enjoy the same treamment as Chinese employees in China, such as “ Five Social Insurance and a Fund ”, Five Social Insurance including “Pension Insurance”, “Medical Insurance ”, “Unemployment Insurance ”, “Birth Insurance ”, “Occupational Injury Insurance”and “Housing Provident Funds”.

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The Pension Insurance is that when you arrive at the legal age , you can receive pension in the places designated by the social insurance department to ensure the basic living needs after your retirement. The Medical Insurance is that when you encounter sickness and medical expenses in daily life, you can get a certain proportion of insurance expenses from it. The Unemployment Insurance is that you can get a disposable cash to ensure you daily life needs while you are looking for a job without salary. The Birth Insurance is that the female worker have to stop working temporarily when they are pregnant, then the subsidies, maternity leave and medical services are provide by the state and society.

The Occupational Injury Insurance is that when you are at work or in certain circumstances, you have an accident or suffer from occupational disease that lead to temporary or permanent loss of labor capacity, or even death ,you or your family can obtain material assistance from state and society. Housing Provident Funds means the monthly payment of a certain fee to the designated account but can not be taken out at ordinary times, only in the specific time to use such as buying a house, going abroad, retiring, and retirement ect. Among them, Pension Insurance, Medical Insurance and Unemployment Insurance are jointly paid by enterprise and individuals, Employment Injury Insurance and Birth Insurance are entirely paid by enterprises and individual do not need to pay.

Notice : the social security benefit can not taken out until you get to the statutory retirement age. Z-VISA is a visa to work in China.if you are a foreigner and want to find a job in China, you are required to have a approved Z-visa, the basically conditions for getting a visa are:

1 A copy of your name page on your passport, the passport must be valid for at least 12 months.

2 A complete visa application form.

3 A letter of invitation issued by the employer.

4 A work permit.

Notice : the Z-visa is valid for only 30 days. You or your employer have to find a temporary residence permit for you,which will cover the duration of your contract (a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 5 years ) In addition to the above employee benefits,different companies have their own employee benefits as Cost of living allowance, Hardship allowance, Traffic and Housing allowance, Education of children welfare and Vacation welfare.

The most popular jobs in China include: IT, foreign teacher , Sales work such as marketing, real estate, finance, Engineering and technical duties, Creative field work and High management, these job sometimes require you to understand some Mandarin except foreign teacher, as a result of the biggest problem of Chinese speaking English is inaccurate pronunciation, more and more individuals and units hire foreign teachers for class to improve the oral English and make it more fluency. However, China has stipulated that foreign teacher employed in China, they must hold “foreign work permit” and one of the TEFL, TESOL or TESL certificate. Abide by Chinese laws and regulations, keep healthy and have no criminal record.


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