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Before I came here, I was so unsure, because I don’t know if I was doing the right thing. I used to think the same as you’re thinking now, leave my family? My friends?, so I remember that I asked my father, what happen if I decide don’t do the exchange, and he tell me, nothing, is your decision, is your life, and then he said “when you come back, this city is going to be the same, the people, the places, nothing will change, the one that is going to make the difference is you, your will be a different person and you are going to look everything different”, so now I’m here. And I want to tell you all the benefits of be an exchange student. How this incredible experience can help you educational, can help your personal and can help you in long-term.

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One reason, is the language acquisition that is achieved through practical immersion. Learning a new language help us in an educational form and is something really incredible that can open a lot of doors. Also speaking another language can help us professionally. I’m learning English and for sure I’m going to use this language all my life. Let suppose I want to apply for a job, and I write in my curriculum that I was one year in USA and I know to speak fluent the English also of course I complete all my studies, that is going to give me more opportunities? Yes, that makes me different than the others applying? Probably, because employers prospective in almost every field look favorably upon experience gained while living overseas and knowledge obtained of another language and culture. Well, the best way to learn another language is being in the country the language is from. In Mexico, we learn English, and we have this subject like, all the time in the school, and I never, never, really never care, and I wasn’t good in that, the day that I can say start to speaking English was when I went to Europe, and I was in Disneyland, when I decide to lost my phone, actually I don’t decide that, so the rest of the story is that I come back to one of the place I want and the girl toll me, you have to with this person, and I go with more than 10 different persons, explaining how was my phone, the case, you know, when was last time I see, walking in all Disney trying to find my cellphone and I’m so proud to say that I founded, and that was the day that I realize I’m so stupid for lose my phone, but also I reflex how, knowing another language I can funded. And after that day I been trying hard to learn the language.

Another reason that I can feel in myself, is that being away in a foreign country has a powerful accelerating effect on your maturing process. Because you start to manage your own money, cause rotary give you a amount per month, and also making decisions that give you more confidence and make you more independence and autonomy to take care of yourself. Too you become more tolerant of other people, different cultures and different personalities. Because is like having a free year, you got no idea how many wonderful and nice people you’re going to meet. I can say that I’m a shy person, because here I don’t know anyone, but I start to open myself, trying to talk with all the persons I can, be nice. And with all this I’m meeting more of me, doing things that I don’t know I can do it, because some people always told me that I was bad, toll me the things I should do, and for a long long-time I believe that, I believe the thing those people told me, but know I’m here, and I can be whatever and do whatever, I can be myself. Exchange experience will be priceless, something that you cannot replicate any other way.

Youth exchange experience carries more weight in many cases than your GPA, your class ranking, your SAT, your ACT. And this isn’t just words, past history has indicated this. Why?, because collages are looking for students that are going to successfully, because they know how hard it could be, let all the people you love, let your conformed zone, and go and see the world, and them see the world with other eyes, describe the world with other language, anyways. I’m feeling very brave, and so proud of myself, I got a lot of satisfaction in my heart to take this decision, for real, because, I know that In Mexico are my friends, and I know here I’m going to do another’s, and serious this friends are for all de life, when my sister do her exchange, she found another Mexican girl, that life more in the north, and they are friends. And we hosted a girl from Germany, and also we have in the city a girl from Finland, the go to visit each other to their country, and you only need money for the flight, because more than friends they are a family. Anyways if no one talk to your, talk to them, I got another funny anecdote, I was having really bad days, because no one talk to me, so I talk with my host family, that I want to change school, and she told me that if can’t support this, it would be better for me to come back, and I was thinking the same, so I go to my room, I look at the window, all like a movie, and I look one tree, and I talk to myself, I always do that, so Andrea toll me, “Andrea, look that tree, you see?, if you come back, you never going to see this tree”, so poetic. So I decide to stay, and what I mean with the tree, that this is a unique experience, that how I say, you cannot replicate any other way. Anyways I was talking about the college, well so they are looking this successful people that can complete their studies and graduate and with completing an exchange in another culture, you’re showing them that you have the “right stuff”, and that’s what an exchange provide you.

So that’s why I think do an exchange it’s not a mistake, you don’t lose a year, that’s what some people say, an exchange is not one year of your life, is a life in one year. So think about it, what is the place you always want to been there? Because with rotary you can go. Imagine yourself 50 years later, you want to say “I do an exchange” or “I always want to meet another place”

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