Benefits of College Education and Effects of Attaining College

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 Education is one of the biggest treasure and investment in any person’s life. This also the best gift our parents are giving to us. Attaining college education can give many advantages and provides positive effects to all of us. By having this, we can get a good job with good salary, it can give confidence to us, it makes our parents proud and many more.

Education is one of the most important thing that we should have, as it is our training ground for our future job or professions especially when you finish college degree. Why it is so important for us to finish college , is highschool education is still not enough? Finishing highschool is also good but if we ‘want to have good job with good salary in the future we need to do our best to finish college. Most of the job with high and good salary requires to have high educational attainment which is college. Another advantage is, you have a big chance to have a good position and you can also be a candidate for any promotions. We know that having promotions is based on the employee’s performance but educational attainment is also one of the biggest factor that can help the employee to be promoted. Sometimes promotion for those college graduates are very easy. Did you know that sometimes the salary of an employee is also based on what degree of education they have finished? For example, if you are a license accountant, engineer, architect, nurse ,doctor and any kinds of degree which are having license, most of the companies will give their salary plus additional payment for their license plus many kinds of benefits but if you are undergraduate or not finish the college they will only give the basic salary and sometimes without any benefits. That is quite look like a discrimation in terms of salary but this is true that most of the companies are always looking at the applicant’s educational attainment. Meaning, sometimes no matter how hard you work for promotion but if you are not college graduate , your hard work will go in vain.

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College education gives us more confidence and a lot of other benefits of college education. From the start that a person attain college education that is also the start of his personal molding process for him to develop his personality, social life and also mentality. During college days, through a person’s experiences it helps him to be more confident to face any situation, it is also a time when he discover something to his self. As the college education is a training ground, it helps a person to be confidence to his ability, to his own opinions, to his decisions and to his self. People who attained college education see his self with a stronger responsibility, and have a traits that gives him strength in other areas of his life.The confidence that a person received from attaining college education can be used in searching good jobs and help him to present his self to other people. For example in the job interview, if a person is a college degree, he can be recognize by his good way of speaking, he is even confidence in answering questions in his interview, he know how to introduce his self proudly, and because of that the interviewer will consider all his what he seen in his personality and can select him as the right employee for a particular vacancy.

Another effect of attaining college education, is a person could have a development in terms of his social life. Mixed of people a person will meet during college days and it helps him to communicate to many people and brings him to a life where full of socializing. College education is not only important in searching future jobs to have good salary but it can also play an important role in other aspect of ones persons life like in his social life and in his mentality.

A college education or having a higher degree of education can makes a person more aware of what he is capable of. Because of that it enables him to help improve his own life. All people are spending two or four years in college this is also a time of learning and developing his self and all the way he tend to feel more happier and content.

Finishing college education can also brings pride to our parents. Our parenta also benefits from it once we finish our education. All parents achievement is to make their children finish their school until they got a degree. We make them so proud after our college education regardless if we have award and honors or if we don’t have, the most important thing is to finish it and show them that all their sacrifices and money they’ve spent are worth it. Our parents will always be the first person who will be so proud of us. Why all parents are investing money to the education of their child? The reason is, for them that is their parental inheritance that they can pass on to their children.

If we know the importance of education , we will not think twice to invest and spend money on it because it will always be worth it. We all know that attaining college education is expensive and requires more money. Even it is so expensive, the money that we spend will become more than something. This will also be part of our improvement and gives us success in life.       

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