Benefits of Competitive Sports to the Youth

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Benefits Of Competitive Sports to The Youth

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The Importance of Competitive Sports

Instead of sitting on the couch and watching TV, play some competitive sports and be active. Sports are played all over the world from kids to adults. Sports are enjoyable, but at the same time can be very dangerous. It has been shown that sports are enjoyed by an enormous amount of people. Competitive sports are very important for youth because they can help kids stay healthy and fit, teach athletes many important skills, and can improve childrens characters and their attitude.

An abundance of sports will keep athletes healthy and fit with the exercise they provide. Sports get kids pumped up and give them a good daily exercise. In the article, “Competitive Sports: Helping Kids Play it Cool” it illustrates that, “sports are a great way for kids to have fun, stay fit, improve skills, and make friends.” This article makes it clear that sports are beneficial. Every kid would want to do the following things stated in the last sentence. In addition, more than a third of adults in the USA are being classified as overweight and obese argued by Maria Lee in the article, “The Importance of Sports.” If kids play sports, they will stay away from obesity problems when they grow up. One of the most significant pieces of evidence I read was stated by Lakshmy Nair. She reveals that sports support the healthy growth of the heart, lungs, muscles, bones, and improve agility, coordination, and balance. This evidence demonstrated that sports keep kids healthy and away from diseases or health problems. Without a doubt, sports are one of the ways to keep you healthy.

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Of course athletes get injured while playing competitive sports, but sports also teach them many important skills and life lessons. For example, kids who participate in sports learn to handle situations on their own and deal with challenges throughout their life proved in the article, “ Competitive Sports: Helping Kids Play it Cool.” I think learning these skills will definitely be very helpful for the future of the athletes. Most importantly, according to Marianne Engle, the sports psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at the NYU Child Study Center, “Sports help kids think critically and solve problems, build self-discipline, trust, respect for others, leadership, and coping skills, all of which form the foundation of character building. Marianne Engle shows that competitive sports are important because they teach athletes many useful skills. Obviously, all of these skills will help create a wonderful life for children.

Competitive sports could improve childrens character and attitude. On the other hand, sports can create negative stress and pressure that can cause a person to overreact and get angry. Even though this is true, I still believe that negative stress can be managed. For someone to do good in life, the character inside them has to be good at heart. Sports do create these types of characters for athletes. For example, in the article “ The Positive Effects of Playing Sports in School,” by Lakshmy Nair it demonstrates that kids who participate in sports are less likely to commit crimes, drink, smoke, and do drugs. This shows that sports participants don't get themselves or their life in trouble. In addition, I have witnessed many students that have a problem with their behavior. Sports can discipline and develop a whole new better personality for youth. Another article that explains how sports improve kids character is, “Sports and Kids: Pathway to Healthy Development or to Unhealthy Competition.” This article states, “sports have also been shown to… lower school dropout and deter delinquency.” This article proves that athletes are less likely to have a problem in school or their behavior. Sports will destroy the negative in youth.

In summation, sports are terrific and very beneficial. I still argue that competitive sports are great for kids because of the following reasons: sports help kids stay healthy and fit, teach athletes many important skills, and can improve a childrens character and attitude. Competitive sports set an athlete's mind to do whats good for them. Sports are very beneficial. They teach youth to set their own goals + responsibilities and work together as a team. Basically, athletes take a step to mature and become adults. With all of these reasons it is clear that sports are a great thing for kids to try if they haven't already.

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