Benefits of Flexible Online Learning

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Benefits Of Flexible Online Learning

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In the era we live in today, technology is taking over the world which means people spent most of their time on the internet. With this being said it can be assumed things are getting revolutionized due to the internet a clear example of this is the emergence of online learning. Online learning is a way of studying without needing to attend class on campus with minimum requirements because as long as a person has access to the internet they can receive an online education through their computers or smartphones. For this reason, online learning does benefit students because it provides flexibility, an education at a low cost, and a comfortable environment.

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Flexible online leaning allows for students to work at their own pace giving them more time to advance in their studies in order to succeed. ASU online states that the number of students who are enrolled in online classes is increasing and on the rise since students are now pursuing a career on their own terms. Research provided by National Center for Education Statistics, shows that 62 percent of students are struggling balancing their time working in both part time and full-time jobs and 29 percent are young parents or take care of an elder family member. For example, my cousin Luis became a father at the young age of 18 when he was about to begin his first year of college this meant he now had the responsibility of providing for his newborn child and give a monthly child support by working full time. In order to manage time between college, work, and his child he had to make some adjustments to his schedule resulting in the decision to enroll in online classes rather than conventional.

An online education has many economic benefits such as no need for transportation, housing fees, or materials. In addition, not everyone can afford a traditional education because of its high cost so online classes are a better option for low income people. Students are required to pay for a parking pass in the university however this doesn’t always guarantee them a parking space since most of the time there is more students than parking spaces which results in many students getting fined for parking illegally. Gas is saved from enrolling in online courses because students don’t require transportation to get to campus. The fees of living in a dorm or renting an apartment are also eliminated through online learning. Books aren’t a requirement in most online courses because they can be accessed for free through the internet and in the case the book cannot be found online the rental fees are known to be of less expense. For instance, many students attending college can’t afford physical books because of their high cost this leads to having them request loans which they often feel frustrated with and usually result in debts or dropping out.

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