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  • Introduction
  • Distance Learning Massive Growth
  • Successful Implementation
  • Implementation Process
  • Final Words
  • Works cited


More and more organizations these days are making use of different types of advanced technological tools and devices in their business to witness the best results at a short time span.

Online proctoring is a tool with a fast gaining popularity record. According to industry experts, online proctoring services are predicted to become a $10 billion market by the next decade. It is also expected to cover the following areas like training, corporate, vocational and educational.

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Due to internationalization of education, certification from professionals and MOOC usage, the remote online exam proctoring market is in the growth process. There is found to be huge potential for proctored exam as well as monitoring candidates taking tests and exams remotely.

Distance Learning Massive Growth

Universities and colleges have realized the potentiality of distance learning in proctored exams for online courses and promoting it among those students who are not able to avail conventional training.

This is also found to be a boon for those organizations that have developed several branches across the country or in other countries to train their employees.

The experts also conclude that remote exam proctoring is yet to mature fully in Asia, UK and the US. But the future does appear bright, especially with new learning models being evolved every now and then targeting the college as well as business markets.

The virtual learning methods like online exam proctoring is presently an accepted norm which can help yield greater results in a long haul.

This trend is found to be rising within the corporate and academic sector especially with product certification training. It is actually a cost effective solution that depends still upon real people to train remotely the students and to deliver actual session.

It is used commonly in training people in several sectors. Moreover, the price for proctoring solutions is predicted to fall in the upcoming future with the growth and mature.

Successful Implementation

No issues have been reported as of yet with the implementation of online proctoring or that of remote invigilation across the entire globe. The majority of the organizations are using the standard procedures and ensuring that protocols set are being sincerely followed.

Implementation Process

It is possible in three ways:

  1. Recorded proctoring: Screen share and audio video recording is to be reviewed later on to identify red flags if any.
  2. Live online recording: The qualified proctor would watch the student through live audio and video as well as screen share feeds from remote location.
  3. Fully automated proctoring: With the usage of advanced analytics, the feeds, besides recording are system monitored for anything found suspicious.

Furthermore, AIProctor is the robust platform that is essential to ensure success of online test proctoring. It is an useful platform to maintain proper excellence standards combined with complex logistics.

Although digital tutoring and exam proctoring concepts are being used for quite a long time, of course, with regards to education and corporations, they still are unconventional mediums for revolutionizing the learning paradigms.

An effective invigilation and assessment method is required by both educational institutions and organizations like to ensure faster results, greater integrity and security.

Final Words

Online education, with the number of students enrolling in online courses continuing to grow, what with the enrollment of 18- to 24-year-old students on college campuses declining for several years in a row, is a bright spot in higher education.

Professors that have worked in online education for more than 20 years, it have been observed that remote proctoring and online education often leads the way in changing and improving how students learn.

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