Benefits of Online Transportation Vs Conventional Transportation

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In this modern era, everything can be obtained easily. With the presence of Internet, the most influental thing in the world, people can access anything they want and get everything they need with the easiest way. Internet influences every aspects in life. Transportation is no exception. Internet succeeded to find a new development in this aspect that successfully changed the world’s lifestyle and people’s perception.

Nowadays, the development of public transportation is getting larger. One of the most influential things in public transportation is the presence of transportation that can be accesed with internet connection named online transportation. Online transportation, such as Grab and Gojek, which are the most famous applications, have been widely welcomed and used by Indonesian. Before the arise of online transportation, people who don’t have their own vehicle always use conventional transportation. Bus, angkot (angkutan kota) – a public car that is popularly used in Indonesia as the public transportation, pedicab, even delman – a vehicle pulled by horse, were used to be the most common transportations before online transportation finally came to Indonesia.

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After online transportation came, the role-changing happened. Previously, when internet connection was not this easy to access, the main public transportation was the conventional transportation. People disposed to wait a little bit longer just to take an angkot. They were willing to be jostled in the crowds just to take a bus. However, people nowadays tend to prefer the easier one – online transportation, for its benefits. Online transportation surely give many benefits that will help people get the easier way to live their life.

By using online transportation, people no longer have inconvenience trip anywhere they go. Just within one click, people could choose their destination and wait for a while until the driver pick you up. It is exactly more practical than the conventional one. Moreover, the price of online transportation is relatively cheaper than the conventional one with some promos and vouchers provided in the applications. Other benefits that people can get – more flexible, more efficient, economical friendly, and more various in transaction methods that they couldn’t get from conventional transportation. Moreover, the applications recently has updated their services. For example, GO-JEK. Besides providing transportation service (Bike and Car), GO-JEK now offer various advanced services such as GO-FOOD, GO-SEND, GO-BOX, GO-TIX, GO-SHOP, and etc. Therefore, just within an application people can access more than one services which is it will be useful for them.

However, not everyone accept the use of this new and advanced transportation method. Some people with certain profession – Ojek Pangkalan (a public transportation in Indonesia in the form of motorbikes that settled in a certain location to get the passengers) drivers and Angkot drivers, disagree with the presence of online transportation because it considered as a rival for their jobs, drivers of the conventional one. Their disagreement seriously made a big problem in Indonesia. They rejected the use of online transportation by doing some demonstrations to express their protests against online transportation. In several regions, some conventional transportation drivers attacked the online transportation drivers with violence. Some cases even happened when the drivers are still riding with their passengers. In the worst case, the online transportation driver even died because of the brutal incident caused by the conventional transportation drivers. The incidents that happened at some regions in Indonesia frightened the online transportation drivers to do their job – picking up the passengers and take them to their destination freely. The online transportation drivers have to be more careful in some areas owned by Ojek Pangkalan and claimed as the “Red Zone” for online transportation drivers. Not only the drivers, but the passangers of online transportation also afraid to use the application in certain areas.

After the conflict between two different kinds of drivers being reduced, they are getting better slowly. The conventional transportation drivers seem to be more friendly to the online drivers. Since most of the conventional transportation drivers have changed their job to become the online one, it makes them cooperate each other and become good friends. People certainly will feel more peaceful and they can freely use public transportation either the online transportation or the conventional one.

In conclusion, the conventional transportation and the online one are no need to compete each other. Both would get the appropriate benefits from their own jobs, as long as they can cooperate each other and maintain a good relationship between them. 

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