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Benefits Of Promoting Employees Within A Company

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Any Company is mainly composed of many employees who are specialized in different jobs and are competent with different skills, but all of them are important for the success of the company even if there are some jobs most influencing and higher classed than the others. Every Person within a company is working to achieve goals even individual for its own esteem or global and that means for the objectives of the company. The responsible in any company at a given time must take a decision for the future well-being of the company which to promote excellent employees or to hire a new worker for an important job and to take this decision he have to study the different profiles and analyze the skills to provide what’s better for the company to succeed. Promoting employees within a company could provide some benefits and attract some tension. Although it’s the same case when a company hire a new employee so both can be good or bad for the company

Every Company owes its success to its employees and all the efforts that they’ve done to improve the company. thanks to their skills and good work, the company reached the objective and it’s the case in most of the company No matter the different jobs and their importance it’s all the workers that contributed to the success. A promotion corresponds to a progress in the company, it is a modification of the qualification initially offered for a superior qualification in the classification of jobs. The promotion involves most of the time a change of actual work, new responsibilities and an increase of the remuneration. it can generally intervene after a while crossed in the company, or according to the results obtained by the employee.

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So it’s natural and logical to promote the best employees to jobs more important and more significant within the company as an award for their good work and also an encouragement for the future. They are Also many advantages when a company promote an employee instead of hiring a new one like the fact that Current employees are already used to the rules, regulations and culture of the organization. They have understanding of how the organization operates and do not need a training and formation program So an internal promotion will cost much less than an external hiring. The company knows employees and have detailed records from previous supervisors and can use the promoted employee’s skills for important jobs.

The trust is also something positive for the promoted employee the feeling of being trusted and important will help him to improve and work harder and develop better skills. However sometimes a promotion could create some conflicts and problems within the company and between colleagues mainly caused by jealousy of some employees or intern previous issues. Also for the company when they decide to promote an employee for a specific job they could limit their selves to their effective instead of searching and recruiting the most qualified profile for this job who may not be within the company.

Despite of the promotion from inside the company, some companies choose to hire from outside the company and give the chance to a new recruitment to access their company and improve it. Hiring an external employee for an important job could be very beneficial to the company it offers the possibility to have a larger choice to pick the best potential employee who could bring his knowledge and skills and talent to his new organization and then help them to achieve more important objectives. The fact to hire from outside can allow to the company to cross a new landing and provide a cultural change and a new perception of the things by the new recruitment it will lead to a revitalization within the company also new perspectives and ideas that possibly will support the company’s growth and progress. There is also the fact that when a company hire from outside an employee for an important job in a special way it may keep the atmosphere between the other employees very professional they will not feel like they are competing against each other to be the best because it will provoke many conflicts and will not be favorable to the company.

Inspite of all these positive things that an external recruitment could provide to the company there are many disadvantages concerning that like the fact that a new employee may not feel very comfortable because he’s not used to the rules and the organization of the company. Sometimes a new employee will need a training program so the company will pay for it. Concerning the other employees of the company sometimes announcing them that they will have a new “leader” who is unknown for them and coming from outside to be their superior can hurt them morally they may feel untrusted or useless and they may not accept or complain about it and that could create a very bad atmosphere in the workplace that will affect the results of the company. Also according to many sources (like or “external hires were 61% more likely to be fired from their new jobs than were those who had been promoted from within the firm.”


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