Benefits of Travelling on Physical and Mental Health

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As we move on with our busy routines, and daily grinds, we tend to feel as if life is set on repeat each day. Travelling is a great way to escape this robotic lifestyle, as it helps you to go out and experience change and diversity. Margaret J King from the Center for Cultural Studies and Analysis says that “With a short list of activities each day, freed up from the complexities of ongoing projects and relationships, the mind can reset, as does the body, with stress relief the main outcome.” This explains the stress relieving aspects of travelling. For many people, travelling isn’t about getting to explore new places, but about getting a break from life. Going on a vacation can help people in reducing their stress as it takes them away from places or activities that may cause them to be stressed. The effects of travelling aren’t just felt when one has started their travel journey, but instead can be felt just by the anticipation of going on a vacation.

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A study by the University of Surrey (2002) found that people are at their happiest when they have a vacation planned, and are also much more positive about their health, economic situation, and their general quality of life. Another study by Cornell University (2014) found that we get a lot more happiness from anticipating a travel experience in comparison to anticipating the possession of an item. This idea, however, may be opposed when people say that they burned out while they were travelling. Most likely when people want to visit certain historical sights or go on trails, they end up getting more exhausted than imagined. Going to a new environment and adjusting to a new climate can be a very challenging task. Many people end up getting sick when they travel and they miss the comfort of their home the most. In such cases, nothing can give them more joy than returning back home. I myself have experienced getting sick while on a vacation to another country. From my experience, I remember being extremely home sick, as I missed the comfort of my home. This is a very important point for my topic since travelling is always considered to be a fun and entertaining thing, however it can turn out to be a very exhausting and discomforting thing.

In addition to all these positive effects that travelling has, it can also help strengthen relationships. According to a survey by the US Travel Association (2015), travelling with your better half can make your relationship stronger, which in turn improves your own mental health and self esteem. The results of this survey showed that not only does travelling have long term effects on couples such as increased closeness and bonding, but it also helps to maintain relationships, in addition to reigniting a romantic spark. By travelling together, you not only get to explore a place together, but you also get to make many memories, in addition to getting to spend some quality time together. Overcoming the tougher elements of travelling such as planning the trip or any other compromises and help to strengthen a couple’s bond and bring them closer.

On one hand where travelling can be a rebonding experience for many couples, it can also be something that can create a divide between couples. This point is debated because travelling can be very expensive, especially for couples who plan on going on a honeymoon. Couples already spend a lot of money on their wedding, and after that going on a trip can be very expensive. Most of the honeymoon locations have a very exorbitant price and in addition to the plane tickets, it can be too much for many new couples to afford. Due to this, a couple may not be able to visit a dream spot, or be able to enjoy their vacation or honeymoon as much as desired. These points are important because they are not discussed as much. Most of the attention is given to the positive aspects of travelling, whereas the negatives are not discussed. This gives me another reason to talk about this topic because I can help give people another perspective on this issue, especially since most people vote in favor of travelling.

In conclusion, I would say that travelling does have a positive effect on the physical and mental well being of a person. It not only affects your personality, but it also helps you to reduce stress and strengthen your relationships. All things considered, I would say that this topic is definitely suitable to be my research topic. Since many people around the world travel every year, it is easy for everyone to relate to most common experiences.

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