Benjamin Franklin Biography: Inventor, Politician, Philosopher


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Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston and passed on in 1790 in Philadelphia. He was one of the greatest scholars of the eighteenth century. Benjamin was primarily interested in physics and philosophy. He was a creator of various scientific studies. Among others, he was making research on electricity or optics. In the field of philosophy, Benjamin Franklin was a rationalist and utilitarian. He created an idea of a man who owes everything to himself – a self-made – man and he was in a way its epitome.

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In his autobiography, Benjamin wrote – as he himself shows – for kind and young people, by his own he points out the way leading to moral perfection. He wrote down all the virtues which we have to practice every day and it supposed to approach us gradually to the aim to the self-improvement. After thoroughly analyzing the proposals of contemporary philosophers, he calculated 13 moral virtues. Benjamin also had some reflections about the relation between the individuals and society, between individuality and the common good. 

Moreover, his autobiography gives a nearby perspective of eighteenth century colonial America by the view of a man which was not just present for some basic occasions of the time, but which made a few of those events to occur. Franklin’s explanation of life in 18 century give a close perspective of the intelligent person, political, scientific and changes in religion that occurred. In particular, The Autobiography shows optimism of this century. Benjamin’s intellectualism and his commitment to scientific request and political progression show the importance of the Age of Reason. 

In this century development concentrated on the positive conviction that humanity could be progressed through scientific and political methods. In the Declaration of Independence we can find numerous of Enlightenment goals. First of all, there is the concept that just because of the advantage of being humans we are entitled to specific rights. Secondly, there is the conviction that the consent of the governed created a government’s legitimacy. Last but not least, the Declaration of Independence joins the Enlightenment thought that a government’s fundamental aim is to ensure the privileges of the whole of citizens.

We can certainly say that Benjamin Franklin is the typical representative of a versatile talented ‘Renaissance man’, the same as his works are examples of the American Enlightenment. His commitment to the extension of philosophy of Enlightenment in the recently formed United States is great, and a plenty of his works became famous references right up till today. He also became an up-to-date model of an American citizen who thanks to work on his character and habits, he got out of poor family environment, he gained wealth, fame and recognition in Philadelphia political life. 

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