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Beowulf as a Great Hero

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Upon completing my reading of Beowulf, I’m paralyzed with admiration and wonder. According to, the definition of a hero is one that has made noble and/ or brave accomplishments. He was the quintessential hero, because he was unprejudiced, a superb combatant, and undeniably powerful. Honestly, who could deny that Beowulf was one of the greatest heroes of all time? I’ll wait.

Beowulf was the epitome of strength and fearlessness. It didn’t matter what size or reputation his enemies had, he was always up for the challenge. For instance, let’s look at the fight Beowulf had with Grendel. Grendel was a monster of great stature; he tyrannized and oppressed the village of Heorot. To the average human, the description of Grendel would’ve left us petrified. But not to Beowulf; his spirit was unmoved. Not only did the two brawl, but Beowulf annihilated his monstrous opponent with his bare hands. When have you ever heard of anyone doing that? Even David used stones against Goliath.

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Subsequently, Beowulf gloated about his victories. Being that there was no Twitter back then, I had no problem with him singing his own praises. It was almost as if boasting was his “warrior resume.” And besides that, not only could Beowulf talk the talk, he could put his words to action every single time.

Like most heroes, Beowulf’s motivation for fighting is to defend his village from evil. We can compare his rationale to the likes of the Marvel heroes including one of my personal favorites, Black Panther. Comparatively, in Black Panther, one of the undesirable heroes Killmonger had a weakness of ego and pride which steered him to undertake opponents alone. Sounds familiar? Both Beowulf and Killmonger’s personal flaws contributed to their heroic demises. The holy Bible says that pride comes before destruction. It’s imperative in life that we celebrate and be proud of our victories, but we must walk the thin line of remaining humble.

Overall, Beowulf’s supernatural powers alludes to him being one of the most laudable heroes of all time. He was brave, loyal, and had super human strength. To me, those are the attributes that make a great hero. What more could you ask for?


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