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Best Food Experience At The Beach

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The beach is the most favorite place for vacation to me. I think I am not the only one who loves to go to the beach. The thing who does not love the beach? Almost every year I go for a beach tour. I have visited many beaches and I always love to explore newness. I have also got various experience while visiting those places. I am going to share the best food experience I have had at the beach. It was Manzanita Beach. I went there to spend my last vacation with my friends. It was a fantastic summer and we could not stop us from going to the beach. Manzanita Beach Oregon is a nice place, including a beautiful beach and some other spectacular places that tourists love to visit. We couldn’t stay at hotels as we went there on the peak of the tourist season. We had to stay at Manzanita Oregon rentals.

Although we didn’t like to stay there, but after staying there we all were satisfied. The rooms were very good along with many facilities like a bed and shower lines, WiFi, Cable TV, well-stocked kitchens, equipment of barbecues and other essentials such as soaps, paper towels, hair dryer, toilet paper, and much more.Let’s move to the main point. We all more or less love to taste different food. We got the opportunity to have the best Breakfast in Cannon Beach Bakery. Cannon Beach Bakery is a local favorite bakery that has been serving customers for a long time. Cannon Beach Bakery is famous for their Haystack Bread. We took Haystack Bread there and that tasted very good. You should stop at Cannon Beach Bakery and take the Haystack Bread if you go there.There are many options to take a great breakfast at the cannon beach and you can try them. Among them, we tried Lazy Susan Café, Pig n Pancake Cannon Beach, Stephanie Inn, Sleepy Monk Coffee, Wanda’s Café, Crepe Neptune and Sea Level Bakery. Each and every place provides food, but they have uniqueness and specialty. Everyone offers some special item like Lazy Susan Café offers the vegetarian omelet and waffles with strawberries. People love to have this food from Lazy Susan Café. Pig n Pancake Cannon Beach serves their favorite blueberry and Swedish pancakes.

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People love to take mouthwatering Smoked Salmon Benedict, French toast filled with lemon curd with Grande Marnier infused strawberries and bacon, and Morel Mushroom Frittata in Stephanie Inn. If you want to start your day with a fantastic coffee, then you should visit Sleepy Monk Coffee. This is a well-known coffee shop in the cannon beach. Wanda’s Café offers a few options of breakfast. Like Wanda’s Cafe Two Eggs, Any Style, Wanda’s Cafe Eggs Benedict, Wanda’s Cafe Bakery Goods and Scones, etc. Crepe Neptune offers their Favorite of savory crepes include the smoked salmon and cream cheese Fort Stevens and the Cape Meares with egg, goat cheese, fresh jalapeños, tomatoes, spinach. Sea Level Bakery offers fresh pastries that they make every morning.


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