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Vacation is not always all about getting your body and mind relaxed. Vacation can be a way of doing exercise in the nature too. All of you know that hiking is a nature exercise which is so good for us and it also gives us an adventurous experience. I prefer to go for a vacation where I can hike. I have a group of friends who like to go a place where we can enjoy hiking into the beautiful nature. We have been visiting many places and hiked there. Let me share one of the best hiking experience we got at the Oregon Coast Hikes.

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You should probably hear that the fantastic experience of hike in the Oregon coast. We went there a few months ago. We planned a beach vacation of three days at the Manzanita beach. We booked cabins at the Manzanita vacation rentals through Airbnb Manzanita. We decided to stay there and enjoying the delicious meals of the Manzanita restaurants. Besides the regular stuffs of a beach vacation, we planned to hiking near the beach too. There was ideal place for hiking. The next morning, I and my friends started hiking after breakfast. We began to hike through Haystack Hill State Park. This park is somewhat known and easygoing state park found only south of the downtown Cannon Beach region. The simple, very much voyage way comes closer from the north prompting the recreation center’s summit. It was a quite interesting moments, when we were hiking through the park watching the natural beauty around it. We spent a whole day at the park, I bet that it was a wonderful place for hiking which worth spending time. Spending an afternoon at the park is the best experience that one can enjoy much. This is undoubtedly a must try place for the hike lover people.

There was other place, where we hiked too. We moved to the Oswald West State Park which was not so far from there. This beautiful park was named after the honorable Oswald West who was the 14th Governor of Oregon and took leadership to preserve the beach for public. Then we had also the Neahkahnie Mountain, Cape Falcon, Short Sands Beach, Necarney Creek, Smugglers Cove, Short Sand Creek, and the famous Oregon Coast Trail. The excellence of the recreation center is open for all as it is the state park. We began from the Short Sand Beach which is most well-known Oswald West State Park climb. At that point we climb to Neahkahnie Mountain. In the event that anybody need to hike near the beach, Oregon Coast Hikes will be the best for them.

That was the fantastic hiking experience I got at the Oregon coast. We captured our interesting moments there which remind us how awesome the journey was. Hiking in a beautiful place is quite convenient and effective for us. It gives us not only chance to improve our health, but also offer a great experience of adventure into the nature.

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