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Best holiday packages in South India

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Southern India has a lot of places for you to explore, each and every state has something different about it which pulls tourists towards it. Although, it could a little tricky to plan all of it on your own which is many holiday packages are available for you to browse through and choose the one that’s suits you the most. We have quite a few options for you to explore under south India tour packages.

Kerala to Kanyakumari

This south India tour package mainly covers Kerala and Kanyakumari in 6 nights and 7 days. You will start your journey in Munnar and visit Valera and Cheeyapara falls on the go. A day of yours will go in seeing the whole Munnar hill station with a night being spent there only. The tour will continue with next stop as Thekaddy and then Alleppey and then to Kovalam. You will have a lot of options in three days from massage, Thekaddy wildlife tour to houseboat rides. The remaining two days will be spent in Kovalam and last day will be your departure.

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Exotic South India tour

The official website of south tourism offers an enchanting south Indian tour which includes arrival at bangalore and drive to mysore from there. You will visit quite a few temples and even art galleries on the way. As you reach mysore, after visiting the place your next stop will be ooty where you will see the highest point of Inida and spend the next day as well sightseeing in ooty only. The next day you will see another south Indian hill station that is Munnar and spend a day there checking out the mesmerizing place. Your next two days will be spent briefly seeing Thekaddy, perriyar, allepey and finally land in cochin where your tour ends.

Cultural Tamilnadu tour

Tamilnadu is the farthest of the states in the southern but its totally worth visiting as it hosts a lot exotic experiences for all the tourists. South tourism has 6-day 5 night south India tour package which is perfect for exploring Tamilnadu. This south India tour package starts in Chennai where you will visit places like Kapaleshwara temple and The Santhome. Quite a few beaches like the marina beach is a part of this package. You will be visiting Mamallapuram as well from where you will commute to Pondicherry. A lot of things like Five Raths and Krishna Butter ball will be on your itinerary and finally you leave for Tanjore. Your last stop will be Madurai where you will spend your time visiting temples and sightseeing. Finally, your tour will end on the sixth day.

You will find many other south India tour packages like these which offer a holistic exploration of southern India but these are the best ones available on the official southern tourism.


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