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Book Title is ‘Beyond Wisdom’. Its self-help or can say a personality development book. As a person who is introvert and go through all the social awkward/life crisis moments. Its relieving that am not the only one there are other like me who go through same waves of feelings. Also, there are people who recognize this issue and have written books. Some of the authors are expert in this area and some are what I like to call survivors who realized the issue came over it and then share their secret sauce on how they did it.

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Beyond wisdom is written by Alexander Loyd. Alex Loyd, PhD, ND holds doctorates in Psychology and Naturopathic Medicine. According to his official website, “Alex combines proven psychology, medical science, energy medicine, and spiritual principles to help you reduce stress, identify and heal the root causes of emotional and physical problems, and remove negative beliefs and barriers that hold you back from happiness and success.”

Before going or asking for any kind of information it is very important to know where it’s coming from. Such in this case the knowledge on this matter is coming from someone who is doing it professionally, has a doctorate and is passionate about it because of his personal reason. All these reasons do establish a perfect repo to read what he has served to society in a book.

There were many moments where it made me think like as if he knows what am thinking while reading this book. Books revolved around a concept called ‘The Greatest Principal’ which states that all the failures, setbacks and problems we encounter are due to things going on inside rather than things happening outside. The things going on inside usually result from lack of love relating to that issue. He also explains how stress is the root cause of all internal happenings. He explains why most self-helping book says the same things in different phrasing. They provide a blue print of

  1. Focus what you want to do.
  2. Figure out a way to achieve it
  3. Put your plan to action

But one thing that most self-help books fail address is the willpower required to achieve true happiness. He also reveals that the success rate of famous self-help industry with their books, programs and seminars is 3%. For which he provides reasonable evidence. So, 97% of people are still looking for next thing that’ll work for them. With all his expertise he makes a statement that states,” Pursuing an end result with willpower is a blueprint for failure”.

Book has so many ways/tools to deal with your darkest fear/insecurities or how to past your past, one of which is what author refers as Life vow. A life vow is like a I need this to survive belief. It can also make us understand how someone can have everything on outside but isn’t necessarily happy on the inside. Self-criticism extreme end or behavior pattern destroying from inside can be an outcome a life vow. Life vow could have been made as a kid that stayed in your sub conscious mind which is affecting your life now as an adult. Realizing this from root cause and then working on it from the bottom will help to stop any further damage to self being.

Success Goals/Stress Goals

He also enlightens that people often go for a goal that don’t actually want. This want differentiates between stress goal or a success goal. Stress goal is something that is based on external factors and success goals is based on internal factors. Failure to identify your reason for achieving a goal will push you further away from success and happiness.

Choosing a positive emotion everyday will transform your viewpoint of your own world. You’ll enjoy small happiness to the fullest. This will change you from inside rather than outside.

Effective Writing style and Layout

Am not a regular book reader so am not familiar with popular writing styles, but with this book in was quite impressed? I would call it witty. For example, in the opening paragraph it gives you a feel that the book itself is talking to you like asking question using informal language to establish a connection with writing style which was indeed quite hooking.

In the aspect of how believable it was I would say it was quite believable because all the concepts he proposed they came from a real life event then him realizing some things like his separation with his wife shaped him and his internal viewpoint. His opinion were based on clinical research and findings like the one by George Vaillant who published the Harvard University’s grant study of the Human Development.

An interesting aspect as per my reading is the one where author talks about his feeling when he had a confrontation with his wife when she is about to leave him and how he knows this was coming. Even though, it was shattering for him he was grateful for what happened at the end because it shaped his mind and perception. I took some great lessons from this books on how not to be a victim of the victim mind-set, realizing what’s happening on the inside rather than putting efforts to something that is happening outside.

Overall, this book is good read no doubts in that. When it comes to recommending I will recommend this book to people who are regular readers and are familiar with the concept of self-development or personal help books looking for interesting books, but I won’t recommend this book to someone who is a fresh or a new reader. I believe for a new reader the concepts and the writing style might be a little difficult to understand. Also, someone who is not known to these issues where people deal a lot with inner problems, might not be able to appreciate the beauty of some concepts presented by the author.

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