Biblical Worldview of Educational Questions

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  • Worldview
  • Christian Philosophy of Education
  • Implications for Educational Practice
  • Conclusion
  • Works cited

Ultimately having a Biblical worldview within our education, we are working within our student’s hearts. Just as the Lord works within any believers’ heart. “The only way to make a truly lasting impact is to change what’s in their heart.” (Kardamis) As educators, we can share the gospel and pour into our students the Lord's love and His will for our lives. Our foundations of Biblical beliefs become integrated with our academic teachings and we can give students an understanding of how everything around us and that they need to learn is all connected to the Lord.

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A worldview is in which how we observe the world around us and how we identify with it. The worldview that we choose to live by is the explanation behind our actions and choices through life, even the emotions we feel. This is “formed by our education, our upbringing, the culture we live in, the books we read, etc.” Now when looking at a Christian worldview in conjunction with the Bible; We as Christians allow the Bible to be the foundation of our lives. We believe the Bible is God’s divinely inspired word, revealed to mankind (2 Tim. 3:16). The Bible teaches us to believe in him to obtain our salvation, we gain access to eternal life. With our salvation, we are to live as a reflection of Christ. As we grow in our faith and our relationship deepens with the Lord, our decisions and the way we respond to change, and an image of the Lord is reflected in us. For I gave you an example that you also should do as I did to you. (John 13:15)

Christian Philosophy of Education

“A philosophy of education is a statement that identifies and clarifies the beliefs, values, and understandings of an individual or a group concerning education.” (Lambert) The philosophy of education that we hold as educators will explain our vision and purpose of education; We need to be able to have a solid foundation for our philosophy and that foundation comes from the Bible. Education philosophy shares with others how a teacher holds education in their hearts and how they believe education shapes society as a whole. When looking at the Christian philosophy a teacher holds, we learn how they believe students learn and how the teacher will structure their classroom for the students to gain optimal comprehension of the material. In addition, Christian philosophy allows room for students to gain an understanding of how all academics circle back around to their creator. Also allowing for students to understand who their creator is. The philosophy that is held within a classroom and school will greatly influence what is taught and how the material is taught within the classrooms.

Implications for Educational Practice

It can be inferred that as a Christian educator that we can introduce students to the word of God, however usually the family already has a Christian background. Christian educators are merely able to have the Bible become the foundation of the subject matters being taught within their classroom. “Christian schools, seek to equip students to recognize the Lordship of Christ in all subjects’ areas of learning, and to respond in obedience to his call to be transforming influences in society.” Personally, working with junior and high school students it is very important to show Godly love, even when the students fall into their sinful nature. We have to be mindful that they may have not fully accepted God into their hearts and with that, we need to display a Godly lifestyle and example that they would want to be a part of. Also working as an administrative assistant, we need to be mindful of how we carry ourselves in physical appearance and the way we speak with one another. When a parent has a concern about their child, we need to be mindful not to speak harshly no matter the circumstance and if we agree or not. In our appearance, we are the first person a visitor or parent sees when they come into the school we want to put on a gracious and happy face. All of this comes naturally as we follow the Lord and implement it into our lives and will pour over into our daily tasks and jobs as a teacher or as an administrator within your school.


Every teacher and school carries a philosophy they abide by to teach students. Christian education philosophy utilizes the Bible as a foundation for all academic subjects as well to structure the classroom. The Bible also implements the core values and characteristics, Christian educators live by and want their students to pursue throughout life. Christian educators also use the Bible to teach their students that God has and is the creator of all things and all that we do is glorify him.  

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