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Big Pharma Doesn’T Want You To Know These Time-Tested Remedies

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In today’s age and digital world, we are able to see much more about the people and motivations behind some of the biggest aspects of our daily lives. With people like Martin Shreli making headlines repeatedly over his antics, his choice to greatly increase the price of an AIDS vaccine and an overwhelming popular opinion of corruption within the government and the pharmaceutical industry it can be easy to feel powerless. How can a man, woman, or child stand up against their medical oppressors when they still depend on them for basic healthcare essentials to treat everything from Asthma and Diabetes, to Hepatitis and Cancer, even First Aide? The answer is simple, and it’s been all around you for quite some time now.

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Watch more about the natural medicines hiding in your backyard.

Our forefathers were pioneers who founded and explored this land in their own right. During these expeditions and leading until the Great Depression we had generation after generation fight to survive. Everywhere they turned they had to fight in a war, for food, their home, and all too often… for their life against plagues and diseases unlike anything that had been seen before.

Families; mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters were all susceptible to the cold touch of illness during this time as sickness ran rampant across the United States. Many self-proclaimed medicine men traveled from city to city pedaling tinctures that could cure everything from a took ache to flat feet to make a quick buck while leaving each town with little more than hope.

True medicine men did travel throughout the plains; however, they were not after gold or any profits. I am of course speaking about Native Americans. Their noble healers were held to the highest level and Shaman and Medicine Men who had learned virtually everything there was to learn about their homeland. Their knowledge was largely kept a secret and rarely ever shared with those outside of the tribe. Generally, only the Shaman’s spouse and other high-level elders would be fortunate enough to gain any insight into the wonders of their most modern medicine.

Thankfully, for every rule made, there is a rule that is broken. Author of Lost Book of Remedies is a great of example of why sharing this knowledge is key to maintaining traditions and helping mankind progress. Going astray from the same time-honored traditions his grandfather was saved by, and many of our own ancestors relied on over time, healthcare has become a massive, festering sore on to many who have depended on it in their time of need. You may ask yourself; “what’s wrong with pharmacists?” I mean, they always seemed nice enough, right?

If you’re lucky they were. The real problem lies here in the following:

What is in your medicine?

Healthcare has become institutionalized and entirely money driven. Staying alive is a profitable industry after-all, and business in good. With more people living on the planet today than has ever been recorded before there is a higher demand than ever for personalized healthcare solutions. Some of these are aesthetically more appealing, like Band-Aids for example. All natural and organic, the Medicine Man’s Band-Aid created no plastic waste, cardboard dumping, and several other benefits, including the quality of the search. Band-Aids weren’t the only aspect of our grandparents healthcare that inspired the items you’ll find on your shelves today.

Go Back to a Simpler Time, When Your Pharmacy Was in Your Backyard

Today everything is built to be streamlined, it almost doesn’t make sense to take a prescription into a pharmacy, wait for it to be filled, and then pick it up 30 minutes to and hour later. Our grandparents and their parents had the right DIY attitude, and before these secret remedies were swept under the rug would step outside to harvest weeds and plants to help with headaches, blood circulation, Alzheimer’s, first aide supplies and much more. In the event of an emergency, this knowledge could save your life or help you save someone’s life with quick and decisive action and the convenience of availability.

Know exactly what you’re putting in your body; no more guesswork or mystery!

Go back to the healthcare roots your grandparents trusted, that still work better and with less side effects than clinical alternatives. Being that they were all natural and used for generations after generations, possibly even centuries, there was no worry about what was going in your body and what it might do. Today it’s hard to know exactly what you’re taking, and if you know what it is, telling what exactly is in it may prove impossible without a lab or test kit. This could be part of the reason why every drug commercial causes more problems than it could ever solve. Our long-lost remedies work only on what they are supposed to leaving you feeling better without worrying about developing a new condition or worst.

Save money while establishing medical self-sufficiency

The benefits to having your local neighborhood pharmacy as close as your lawn means that in the event in the natural disaster or crisis you won’t have to worry about running low on supplies, the counter being closed, or anything else. All your first aide and health care medications are within reach nearly anywhere you go. One of the few things that kept many of our relatives alive during the Great Depression was knowing how to utilize these Long-Lost Remedies for their healthcare needs when penicillin was scarce, and more people were dying of illness and infection than starvation. Knowing how to treat yourself and your family is not only a smart and economic choice but will make your household virtually medically self-sufficient.

E. Ray Laminack was born and raised in Arizona making him one of the few natives left in the desert. Since finishing school, he has taken a handful of college classes but has spent the majority of his time mastering his craft. Having built up an SEO Agency and learned everything from square one he has become a highly skilled Local SEO Specialist that is able to perform complete on-page optimization, social media marketing, content curation and creation, SEM, and more. Being raised in a small town as an only child being creative was a necessity. His imagine has helped him through every step, taking him all the way to the Phoenix Valley where he has spent the last 8 years.

The creative design surrounding this article is to introduce people to the idea of natural health and fitness remedies as opposed to the modern pharmaceutical industry. Having a rich history which can most clearly relate to American’s today from the Great Depression, these remedies have helped this nation become what it is today. There are several reasons why choosing self-sustainability is a good idea for the modern household in terms of efficiency alone. Secondly, learning how to treat infections, diseases, and healthcare to decrease the influence prescription drug companies have in pop culture and the government would vastly improve the U.S.’ stance internally and internationally.

Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?