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Bigfoot: from the History of the Subject

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There exists in many cultures a legend of a tall humanoid figure, that is a relative cousin to humans, that walks the Earth in solitude leaving behind little evidence of its existence. In the Himalayas the indigenous sherpas believe in the Yeti, in India, there is the Mande Barung, the Yowie in Australia and Bigfoot in North America are all similar myths that have inspired many fake forms of evidence and various hoaxes to support folklore. Although there is almost no physical evidence, such as DNA, to prove said existence, this has resulted in a much-heated controversy as to whether or not Bigfoot truly exists. While many researchers believe that due to the unlikeliness that we haven’t discovered any relics or evidence of a secret Sasquatch-in society, there is also no particular evidence to say that eye-witness testimonies, unexplained occurrences or phenomena are wrong. Thus leading to a large disconnect between Anti and Pro Sasquatch believers.

Apart from Indian legends and myths, the first evidence of a Bigfoot in North America dates back to 1811 found in a personal diary that belonged to British Explorer: David Thompson. During an expedition of the Canadian Rockies, Thompson stumbled across a track or footprint to the likes he had never seen. In the said journal, it is exclaimed that “the whole is about 14 inches by eight inches wide” (Rolling Stone). In later months, David had yet again discovered tracks of a large animal to which “he followed for nearly 100 yards.” (rolling stone.) This can be said to be the very first source as to which Pro-Squatchers claim the validity of Bigfoot’s existence. In the time since 1811, years after Thompson’s initial discovery of the large creature, similar accounts of “a primate ranging from 6 to 15 feet (2 to 4.5 meters) tall, standing erect on two feet, often giving off a foul smell, and either moving silently or emitting a high-pitched cry” (Britannica) have surfaced and all or most support local and widespread folklore of said creature.

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As for the Anti-Squatchers, due to the lack of valid evidence of Bigfoot that the ‘idea of a wild, man-like ‘other’ creature co-existing with us but just beyond our understanding is heavily rooted in mythology.'(LiveScience). With the technology that is available to us today, how have we not found any evidence; such as relics and or even remains, to support there being a Sasquatchian society currently living under our noses. This unimaginative thesis is similar to an experiment /study Mark Wilson, a geology and natural sciences professor at the College of Wooster conducted. By utilizing the Scientific Method, Wilson sought to find the answer to said thesis: “BigFoot is real.” Wilson came to find that with every category of evidence he examined, they all disproved his hypothesis. Physical evidence such as molds of Footprints and remains weren’t valid because they had “been faked and disproved in the past” (war sightings were mere satire and provided no evidence whatsoever.


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