Biggest Comebacks in Sports History

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One rule in sports: never be complacent.

Teams and individual players garner a lot of fans not only because they’re good at their respective sport but the fans themselves have such loyalty for teams and players that are resilient and play their hearts out. If a team gets a win and played well, then it’s all good. It’s all part of the game – someone loses and someone wins. That’s normal in sports.

But what mostly goes down in history are not the games where they played so good and win. The most memorable wins have the biggest plot twist and it is always a remarkable thing whenever a team or an individual get to have their good kind of comeback. Well what can we say than, “the game is not over ‘til it’s over”.

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Here are the biggest comebacks in sports that is worth noting and reminiscing.

German National Team – Football

To achieve the almost impossible win, fans love that kind of plot twist. First in our list is the German National Team when they played football during the 1954 World Cup. The team is two goals down in just eight minutes in the match. They were playing so poorly that it would take a miracle to pull it off. But alas! They did! By halftime of the game, they were able to up their play and scored their second goal courtesy of Helmut Rahn. It was indeed an emotional win bagging the first ever World Cup victory! People around the world called that game, “Miracle of Bern.”

Michigan State Spartans – Football

It was quoted as the biggest comeback in NCAA, D-I football history so it is definitely best suited in our article. Michigan State Spartans are trailing off greatly versus the Northwestern Wildcats. Not just trailing, way behind, we mean a 35-point definite in the game! With only 10 minutes left in the third quarter, they surprised their opponent by rallying 38 points. They defeated the Wildcats at a final score of 41-38.

Michael Jordan – Basketball

Did you know Michael Jordan had a short stint at baseball? He was gone in the basketball world for 17-months as he tried another sport. He won his 3-straight title in the basketball league during those times when he decided to change path. We believe that this is one hell of a comeback as Jordan went out the basketball door and decided to get in again. When he did, oh boy! He won again and finished a 3-peat victory during that season!

Indiana Pacers – Basketball

With a little over 18.7 seconds remaining in the clock, this comeback will go down in books. History was made when Indiana Pacers beat the clock during Game 1 of 1995 against New York Knicks. Who would have known that you can score a miraculous 8 points in 9 seconds?! I know Reggie Miller did the unthinkable!

Dennis Taylor – Billiard

It was a nerve-wracking experience even just for tele viewers and fans alike to watch the showdown between Davis and Taylor. It was supposed to be an easy win for David as he had the advantage of 8 points against Taylor’s 0. Still, Taylor managed to up his game and stage a beautiful comeback tying a score with David both at 17-17. He forced a final frame and eventually managed to win! It was stated that there were 18 million television viewers excited at the game that concluded after midnight.

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