Biking in Mexico. Benefits of Cycling

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  • Analysis of Mexico
  • Environmental landscape
    Environmental regulation
    Environmental Impact
  • Conclusion

The Mexico is famous for football and other sports but Mexican people are less awaked about the benefits of cycling. Because of less awareness they face so many health troubles like heart problems and so forth. Pollution is on top key factor of health difficulties because nowadays everyone have their own vehicles and industrialization is also on higher stage both of these play primary role in contamination. Since bike is non-polluted and cost as well as energy effective. Bicycles do not consume fuel, so it is eco-friendly because cycles do not produce harmful gases. Cycles are beneficial for country and mankind. Mountain bicycle help to keep human being more active as well as it enhance the mind power of mankind. The nation has enormous benefits of bicycles is that if residents cycling bikes so it makes them fit and healthy which may reduce health issues and they give more focus on productivity which help to enhance the economy of a country.

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The mountain biking is extremely beneficial for humans and also for country because it makes them healthy as well as bicycles help to reduce pollution of state. Bicycling help to reduce stress. The number of residents choose bicycling rather than to other transportation. Moreover the trend of bikes is increased and sales of bikes are up by an estimated 50% from last year. Mexico weather is suitable for bicycling so Mexico is perfect place for exporting our mountain cycles. Mexico is a genuine heaven for mountain biking fans, with idealize riding conditions’ year-round, and Oaxaca is its crown gem. Oaxaca is found 5 and half hours south of Mexico City, and the hike down there is amazing. The starting point of mountain biking is considered to have happened in the 1970s in California’s Marin County in the United States of America (US; White et al., 2006).

It is presently assessed that 35.6 million individuals beyond six years old no less than six times in 2013, and mountain biking has turned out to be one of the main 10 recreational exercises in the US. By 2013, somewhere in the range of 15 – 20 million bicycles were sold yearly in the US with the aggregate retail cycle business assessed to have been worth US$7.5 billion in that year(national Bicycle Dealers Affiliation, 2013). The International Mountain Biking Association was currently represented in 17 countries including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the Netherlands, and their code of conduct is considered universal(IMBA, 2013). Agro 18 was founded by retired cyclist Gervais Rioux in Montreal in 1989, Argon 18 distribution was increased all over the world with passage of time. The secondary data is gathering from a variety of sources, primarily from the internet and academic sources.


The mountain bike is terribly dangerous for those riders who don’t have any knowledge about how to maintain the bikes. In addition the cost of mountain cycles are also very high so, average income people cannot afford it. Argon 18 bicycles have a vast problem with chain, when riders rode their cycles at that time chain of bikes skipping and it won’t change gear properly.

Analysis of Mexico

Environmental landscape

In Mexico, the administrative office for the environment and natural resources is responsible for making and implementing new policies for preservation, protection and restoration plans. The fundamental duty of this office is integrity, transferability, transparency and institutional improvement. By the Kyoto protocol terms of greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution is creating a big dare for country and as compare to challenges environmental conservation policies are rare from those difficulties. The government need to make that policies which is useful to control pollution.

Environmental regulation

The Secretariat has designed for atmosphere with usual income in the situation organization of the Mexican government also it is to blame in favor of implementing protection, preservation, after that creating policies which can be used for the country’s location for normal resources. The NAFTA addresses issues of ecological security in the sphere of Canada, the US, and Mexico. However, it Plants the organization of environmental system next principles positive near the three participating countries, including two exceptions: apiece the requisite conforms on the way to operating treaties among the three, in addition to environmental values be obliged to not continue decreased. For example, an income of cheering investment indoors business.

Environmental Impact

The use industrial energy has direct relationship with emission of greenhouse effect. Everywhere house gab emissions since coke-based energy plants as a result Mexico City’s as a consequence Guadalajara’s dense manufacturing sectors possess been liable in place of undiminished respiratory troubles amongst residents, also with kids as well as with aged. New surveys conducted via the globe nature subsidize suffer not compulsorily with the intention of Mexico metropolitan is single of the world generally contaminated cities. Likewise, developed bilge water emissions on the road to adjacent wet reservoirs as a consequence stream arrange led headed for the broaden of waterborne diseases with residents. Even though the management has complete hard work on the way to combat this the length of the plus more faraway countries along with intercontinental organizations, dampen afterward space pollution stay a most important challenge.


They should give the manual book about the maintaining bikes so with adequate knowledge people can take care of themselves and bikes as well. However, rather than selling abroad their bikes to Mexico, organization can produce over there so they can save exporting taxes and delivery costs. The Health and Human Services Department has two programs aimed at increasing helmet usage among children. Ideally there would be programs available for all children, with varied curricula for elementary, middle and high school aged students. Education of adults about driving help to increase safety on roads.


Biking is extremely simple to drive for all age of persons. Both the individuals and country enjoy benefits of bicycling such as healthy, economical and environment friendly, because it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases or contribute to noise pollution. In these times there are significant extents in bicycle tracks and Mexican expresses considerable interest in biking. Because of these things, I think Mexico is best country for export of bikes.

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