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The person that has inspired us to do the research about is Bill Gates. Moreover, the reasons that inspire us to do a research about him are he was known as one of the top billionaire in this entire world, beside that he is one of the most successful man throughout his business and his life, and the man that everyone specially the youth should follow all of his good behavior also how he control his life ,his business and his attitude. 

Bill Gate was born on 28 October 1955, in Seattle, Washington, United State. Bill Gates was born in one of the wealthy family which they have 3 siblings. Therefore, his parent has encourage him to do work on his own so that he can get more experience by doing things by himself. Furthermore, his parent has also force him to face all of those challenges in reality so that he can go through everything by himself without asking help from the other or his parent. 

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In 1973, Bill Gates has started in Havard university which is in the united states. Which he is majoring in mathematics and computer science. Therefore, he was interested in innovation of coding so he take his opportunity to dropped out of Harvard university and started his own business started from that time without finishing his major. 

 In 1976, Bill Gates very first business is Traf-O-Data but there is no customer purchase his product and there is lot of losses so he decided to close it. Therefore, he had founded Microsoft in 1976 when he formed a contract with MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems) to develop a basic operating system for their new microcomputers. 

 The reasons that Bill Gates come up with an idea of inventing Microsoft because in that time Paul Allen suddenly show Bill Gate about some of his idea and they has initiated Microsoft together. Surprisingly, on June 30, 2015, Microsoft has a global annual revenue of $86.83 Billion USD and 128,076 employees worldwide which mean that Bill Gates is one of the successful business man that he has mind blow everyone in this world about his job. 7. The reason that Bill Gate started this kind of job because he is interested in IT which is kind of invented code. Which he dropped from school to continue his dream until he has achieved his goal. 

 As we have mentioned above, Bill Gates very first business is Traf-O-Data. Therefore, this company is not successful and forced Bill Gate to shut down during this tough time .

 The problem that causes to Bill Gates first company are not many customer purchasing his product and not enough customer support. Moreover, this causes lot of losses and disadvantages to his company so, he has to forced himself to close Traf-O-Data company. 10. The biggest business that Bill Gate is doing today is “ Microsoft”. Besides that, Bill Gate has own 4 company businesses in total which are Berkshire Hathaway, Inc, Microsoft, Waste Management, Inc. ,Canadian National Railway Company. 

I think Bill Gates has persistent personality because even though his very first business has shut down by the quantity of demand but he still stand up and continue his way to make another business which is Microsoft that is one of his successful business. 

 The biggest lesson that I have learn from this research is even though somethings had happen to us along our successful way we will not stop at that spot we just solve it immediately and continue until we reached our goal. The other lesson is even tough people are not supporting us today but when we reached and finish our goal they will come to us automatically once day.

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