Why Rodrigo Duterte is a Great Leader

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Why Rodrigo Duterte Is a Great Leader

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The current president of the Philippines is named Rodrigo Duterte or also known as Digong. In addition, he is one out of the sixteen presidents in the Philippines and a former mayor of Davao City. Born in Maasin, he is from a family who are active in politics. At the age of 32, he joined the prosecutor’s office in Davao City as the Special Counsel and every two to three years, he has given a higher position in the prosecutor’s office. By 1986, he was assigned the responsibility as the vice mayor of the city of Davao. One of the laws in the Philippines is that a political person is forbidden to be in the same position for more than three consecutive terms.

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As a result, Rodrigo Duterte became the mayor for a decade from 1988 to 1998 and once again, appointed as the mayor of Davao City from 2001 to 2007 and once more again, he runs for the position of mayor in 2013. But in between these years, he became one of the House of the Representatives, Congressman of Davao and Vice Mayor. His awareness of the increasing number of crime and drugs in Davao City caused him to start a war and was given the title, “The Punisher” by the Times Magazine. The war that he started had a positive outcome because the number of crimes extremely decreased.

In 2016, Rodrigo Duterte decided to run for the position of the President of the Philippines and he won and declaring that “Change Is Coming. ” Until now, he continues to tackle issues such as crime and drugs, which are both main issues that the country is currently facing. Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership is sensational because he was sexually harassed by a priest when he was a child and got expelled to his school due to his reckless behaviour during his teenage years to be a man who serves his country and respected by most of the Filipinos. For example, during the 2016 presidential election, he won most of the Filipinos hearts because he can easily connect with people especially the homeless and poor people because of his past experiences. His charisma does not only help him in the elections but also, his confidence. He was the mayor of Davao City for more than two decades and he experienced different positions from municipal to regional government. He has the confidence that he has the power to change the country for its better development just like what he did in Davao City by making it, crime-and-drug free city. Lastly, a great leader must have a determination and Rodrigo Duterte has it; he would do anything it takes to ban drugs in the Philippines. This shows that he gives a severe attention to drug-related issues and to the poor people. Rodrigo Duterte is an effective leader because Filipinos are following him and believing that he can change the country despite his vulgar attitudes and his barbaric ways to solve an issue such as drugs.

Firstly, the Philippines has a variety of tourist destinations from mountains, hills, islands and beaches. One of the popular beaches in the country is Boracay and it is known for its white sand beach. Earlier this year, Rodrigo Duterte decided to shut down the island due to its hazardous waste and wastewater. He declared that it is going to be closed from the 26th of April to 26th of October and undergoes redevelopment through this period. Moreover, he said that it turned to a cesspool and he is not going to reopen it for tourists unless it is clean. As a result, many citizens especially the 19,000 people who are working in Boracay are against it since they are going to lose their jobs for six months and the country’s tourism rate would decrease immediately.

Although most people are against it, Rodrigo Duterte proceeds with his urgent plan in redeveloping the island and financial relief would be provided for those people who are going to be affected. In my own opinion, he did the right decision because he is thinking for the long-term effects of the waste products not only to the Boracay citizens but also to the tourists. He would rather command to close the island temporarily to redevelop it for the health safety of the people and to maintain the beauty of the island. It may affect the tourism rate, but it is only a short-term effect and it is going to be worthwhile to see and to be proud of what the island has to offer, once it is clean. However, his decision but was urgent. the citizens of Boracay did not have time to plan and save money for the closing of the island. If I was him, I would let the citizens of Boracay know ahead of time and wait for a year for them to prepare and to plan on what they are going to do during the temporary shutdown of the island.

Lastly, his top priority is to solve the drug issue where he started a war on drugs when he was still a mayor and now as the president of the Philippines, he continues to eradicate drugs by commanding policemen to do a drug raid and identify politicians who are involved in the drug trade. In addition, people who are associated with healthcare, start to offer drug and rehabilitation services. As a result, millions of people start to give up their habit and decide to sign up for the services offered. However, the number of people who died in the drug raids and other extrajudicial killings are increasing rapidly.

Also, he said that it is better for drug addicts to be killed than to be put in jail causing him to be criticized by the church and the human right groups. In my own opinion, his vision to solve the issue about the drugs and the changes he had made for the past two years are extremely remarkable because the former presidents never had the courage to pinpoint who are the government officials that are associated with drugs but Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal way to command policemen and his other people to murder suspected people related to drugs are tremendously outrageous. If I am given to do this task, I would not command the policemen or other people to murder the suspects. I am a leader that has a vision associating with a drug-free environment.

Therefore, I would plan accordingly and develop changes that would not only benefit me but also, benefit the citizens of my country that I am leading. There are a variety of ways to solve this problem and I would gladly ask my fellow citizens for their opinions and ideas on how to solve this issue because I would not only apply my values but also, I would give importance on other people’s belief, so they would feel included and I would still have their respect. For example, instead of killing these suspects, I would put them in prison for a short period of time and if they are proven that they are associated with drug-related issue, I would sentence them for 10 to 20 years with the access in rehabilitation services and if not, they can freely walk around the country.

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