Black Lives Matter in Relation to George Floyd

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Since May of 2020 multiple protests have stirred up due to the killing of George Floyd. The latest victim is Jacob Blake; ‘’he was shot seven times in the back by a police officer’’. Even though Blake was able to survive the shooting, he himself still was paralayzed. These gruesome incidents have caused many Americans throughout the past few months to call for help. Many protests have started in all if not most states, to defund the police for their violent ways of patrolling. Defunding the police will allow for more voices to be heard. Movement Black Lives Matter And George Floyd - one of the most discussed topics in recent years

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Protesting is a right for all United States Citizens, therefore it's just as important as voting. However, the right to protest and voting are not the same things. Voting allows a change in political status. Thus, allowing us to change who is in charge of our country, helps us change for the greater good, and who can help lead our country in the right direction. Protesting helps us change different viewpoints, by allowing people to demonstrate their beliefs or helps demolish a bad viewpoint that we see in our government by bringing attention to how the public feels injustice in current actions or view in our governmental system. For example, we've had many protests this past year to demonstrate that Black lives Matter, to defund the police, and many more.

The Black Lives Matter Movement has been around since July 13, 2013. But recently sparked up again due to the recent death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. George Floyd was handcuffed and pinned to the ground by a police officer named Derek Chauvin after Floyd counterfeited a $20 bill. However, George was in the wrong for counterfeiting a $20 bill, Chauvin had no right to suffocate Floyd even after he said; ‘“They'll kill me, they'll kill me’’. George Floyed died an hour later in the hospital that same day.

Because of the killing of George Floyd many people have joined the cry for help through protests, and the asking to defund the police. Defunding the police, does not mean to abolish the police department but will allow the funding to be directed away from the police department and will be put to another use or to educate the police in better no life threatening ways of patrolling our country and detaining it’s citizens when laws are broken. Using funding, that would otherwise go to the police salaries, to right social injustices through educating and training the police will allow the police department to make better decisions.These cries for help and to change how United States Citizens are being treated have only been brought to the mass public through the act of protesting. Thus, allowing for more voices to be heard.

Protesting is just as important as voting in the United States. Both allow for voices to be heard and allow for a change in our political democracy. As we continue to use rights to our advantages, we can allow for change in our country. The death of George Floyd was a tragic event, thus, allowing us to start a movement to defund the police. Overall, allowing many United States citizens to be heard and not overlooked, when not in a position of government or political power.     

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