Black Rhino: Critically Endangered Species

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  • Where the Animals Can be Found & the Habitat in Which It Lives
  • What Are Its Predators and What It Eats
  • Why Is It Endangered and What Main Threats Does It Have
  • What Is Being Done to Try and Stop It Becoming Extinct and What Obstacles Prevent This from Happening
  • What Was My Main Source
  • Scientific Knowledge
  • What Is Going to Happen in the Future
  • Works cited

Where the Animals Can be Found & the Habitat in Which It Lives

Black Rhinos were once found around the majority of Africa. By the end of the 1960s, they had disappeared or mostly disappeared from a number of countries and towards the end of the year, their were around an estimate of 70,000 Rhinos left surviving on the continent that is not a big amount for an animal species. In the 1970s things got even worse when people started introducing Rhinos in general (and many other animals) into zoo's; animals suffered more and more as the zoo's food and fake habitat weren't great. About 96% of Black Rhinos were lost between 1970s and 1992. Like all animals, Black Rhinos are usually in open spaces in the savanna, in Africa, although sometimes you can find them in zoos but not often because of their Critically Endangered problem. Rhinos share their habitat with animals such as lions, cheetahs, hyena ...

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What Are Its Predators and What It Eats

Rhinos main predators are humans (mostly to have their horns) and Wild Cats and sometimes also lions and crocodiles. Its favorite food is grass, fruit, berries and leave. How Long do Black Rhinos Live and How Long does it take to Reproduce First of all, female rhinos become mature (real women) at the age of 4-5 and have offsprings at the age of 7. Boys need to wait until they are 10-12 years old to have offsprings. Rhinos can live until he age of 40-50. Since the mother can have only one offspring at a time, it takes a long time for rhinos to reproduce; their offsprings in fact stay at least from 14-18 months inside the mothers tummy! In addition, certainly poaching isn't of any helps, since all rhinos are followed from that problem.

Why Is It Endangered and What Main Threats Does It Have

As I already said, Black Rhinos are constantly followed by poaching. Poaching is when someone illegally hunts in a habitat that is not there's. Today poaching is concentrated in the rhinos horn so that they can sell it to a high price. Many poachers take off horns because in asia horns are used as medicines to cure citizens with cancer or other illnesses. Cancer is a diseases caused by uncontrolled body and cells. Black rhinos have been killed in increasing numbers in recent years as transnational, organised criminal networks have become more involved in the poaching of rhinos and the illegal trade in rhino horn.

What Is Being Done to Try and Stop It Becoming Extinct and What Obstacles Prevent This from Happening

Although there is a current disaster with Black rhinos and its number, a lot of work remains to be done to disintegrate the current poaching crisis and eventually bring the population up to more than just a fraction of what it once was. WWF is working to conserve the black rhino by: Expanding existing protected areas and improving their management; Establishing new protected areas; Translocating rhinos to create secure, viable new populations; Improving security monitoring to protect rhinos from poaching; Improving local and international law enforcement to stop the flow of rhino horn; Promoting well managed wildlife-based tourism experiences that will also provide additional funding for conservation efforts. Poachers kill rhinos to have their horn while many companies (like WWF) decided to cut their horn off to avoid the killing crisis, that in my opinion is a terrible thing and the main reason why Rhinos in general are critically endangered. The obstacles that prevent this from happening are (again) poaching and its a huge problem, not just with rhinos but with many other animals that are also critically endangered.

What Was My Main Source

As my main source, I chose because I believe that its trying to help many animlas and is reaching their point. It also explains in great detail but not with difficulty and it's easy to memorize.

Scientific Knowledge

Scientists are continuously studying endangered species and with the knowledge they get, they can help the companies help the animals in every way that is possible. People are also donating money to help animals survive for good reasons although this problem is not solved yet and will never be solved unless people start following help companies and only at that point we can resolve this problem!

What Is Going to Happen in the Future

Scientists also predict that in a few years, Rhinos will be extinct unless people from all around the world try to help all animals including rhinos!

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