Black Rights Movement: History of Rosa Parks

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From very early years people biologically tried to divide population of the earth by the skin or eye color, that the point when people start to think about terms like segregation and apartheid. Both of the terms are tend to separate society apart and make them hate each other, furthermore they both are factors that easily could cause the war. Lastly they both were used to show the power of one ethnic group over another

Apartheid: “Separation of the people that is based on skin, color, religion or any other signification disputes”. Apartheids the one of major cases of conflicts and it was taking place in South Africa where the main goal was to separate people apart, so they could not be united in any of theirs’s decisions As probably the most famous fighter for the rights of Africans people Nelson Mandela said,” No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” This quote perfectly illustrates the conditions that were taking place in South Africa in time of apartheid. The quote itself means that people who were for some reasons defined as the better ones did not naturally want to hate each other. They just have been thought to behave incorrectly towards each other, and if they have been thought to hate each, so people could also easily be taught to love each other.

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Segregation: “The enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment.” An official policy of racial segregation, This policy was a significant feature in terms of history of America. It was used to separate white people and black people. Segregation was used in schools in order to divide people into 2 or more ethnic groups. Basic idea of segregation is providing different conditions for people, based on their race or Identity. For example, during the time of segregation black people in America had to have different seats in the buses: White in front and black on the back. This kind of law showed which race was truly controlling the country, and which race was made to follow rules and laws created by the minority. “You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right. “by Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was very well-known activist, he became famous because she denied to leave her seat for the white American, when the driver asked her to do so. Rosa Park’s actions led to the very famous than, and very meaningful for a future” Bus Strike” the details of which, I would discuss in the section of significant events later.

1952 ; The African national congress was very active at that time and they started the peaceful protests again the white people who took over the power. The members of this movement are just trying to demonstrate their disagreement with the position they ended up to be ay situation of discrimination, the African national congress was ignoring the roles that were supplied by the minority of white Americans. (AFC) was passing the laws that were making the rights of black and white people are more equal. AFC were the ones who encouraged people to move through the white only entrance. Besides fighting themselves AFC also incuraged other groops to go to protest against the current white power. Also thanks to the AFC black people understood that they actually are strong enough to be able to say no to the current power. That was a begging of the time when all black people successfully tried to break the main Principe of the separation and inheritance, It was the time when all black people finally came with idea of gathering, they basically came up with idea of the alliances with other tiny groups members. To conclude with significant event about the apartheid we should consider that During the whole period of the apartheid the minority of the population of South Africa(white people were trying to make everything possible in order for the white people to be separated, but at particularly at this point All people stand up for their rights, the rights that were violated.

Now to understand the differences and similarities between segregation and the apartheid, we should also defined the definition of segregation through looking at significant event about it. This event is known as “Bus Boycott It was a story of Rosa Blark the woman that I mentioned earlier in the writing, Rosa was know as black-American volunteer. June 5 1956nwa the day when Rosa heart her leg and decided to set in front in the area of whites. When a white man came in the bus Rosa refused to change her sit. Eventually she was kicked out of the bus and brought to the court. This was very important point in the history of segregation, for in terms of showing their rights black people decided to boycott the buses for they felt like their rights were violated. The boycott continued for over a mouth and eventually bus’s company gave up because most bus’s customers were black and buses lost a lot of money. (Taken from in class notes.) To conclude this event was important.

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