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Black Unemployment Rate In The United States

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According to the U.S. employment statistics by race, the black unemployment rate increased from 6.8% to 7.7% in January 2018. On the other hand, for the white people, the unemployment rate dropped in January 2018 from 3.7% to 3.5%. President Donald Trump credits his administration for the drop in the unemployment rate of the black people. This was true for December 2017 as the unemployment rate was 6.8%, the lowest point on record. However, Trump doesn’t blame himself for the latest rise in the black unemployment rate in January 2018.Experts are of the opinion that Trump isn’t responsible for either move because the U.S. unemployment rate statistics for black people has been sinking steadily since the recession period high of 16.8% in March 2010. The unemployment rate for black people fluctuates more compared to the white’s as their population is smaller. It is also possible that the blacks who weren’t searching for jobs before heard about the low unemployment rate and decided to start their job search in January. But if that were true, the black force participation rate, which measures the percentage of people who either have a job or who are searching, would have risen. But, it has dropped down slightly, from 62.1% to 62%, after being upwards for about four years.

Trump Boasted of Black Unemployment Rate in December 2017President Donald Trump again credited his administration’s policies for improvement in the unemployment rate of the blacks in December 2017 in his last week’s State of the Union address. He said, “African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded, and Hispanic-American unemployment has also reached the lowest levels in history.”

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Even though the unemployment rate of 6.8% in December 2017 was the lowest since 1972, but crediting Trump’s policies for the same sounds complicated. The unemployment rate of black people has been steadily declining since March 2010, when 16.8 % of African Americans were jobless. Trump entered the office in January of 2017, and at that time the unemployment rate of blacks had already decreased nine points. Later, it dropped by one point — keeping up the ongoing trend.

Same is the case with the Hispanic unemployment rate, which was 4.9% in December 2017, the lowest as per the Bureau of Labor statistics. In March 2010, it was 12.9%, since then the number is declining. Like the black unemployment rate, the Hispanic unemployment rate only declined one point during the first year of Trump’s administration. Moreover, both the black and Hispanic unemployment rates are still higher than the overall U.S. unemployment rate of 4.1 % in December 2017. Recently, Jay-Z, the rapper criticized Trump on CNN’s The Van Jones Show about crediting his administration and policies for the reduction in black unemployment. The Trump Jay-Z tweet was a response to this criticism.

The black unemployment rate in January 2018 roused; it may or may not fall in near future. The unemployment issue is very complex to examine as it depends on many factors including the country’s administration. A single person or his administration may support but can’t be credited for whole of it.


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