Blackfish: the Depiction of Horrific Seaworld's Scandal

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Sea world first capture orcas years ago. They not only captured them but they also used them for display in their shows. The film Blackfish really brings out the truth behind Seaworld. Seaworld is a main tourist attraction that many families visit each year where they attend orca shows. However, in recent years seaworld stopped breeding orcas and they also limited workers from entering the orcas pools. The film Blackfish directed by Gabriel Cowperthwaite convinces the audience that seaworld is a gruesome and horrible place to support. They take orcas from the wild and put them into pools that is very inhumane to do. The film does a great job at convincing

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People from going to sea parks. Throughout the film many ex-employees are interviewed were they talk about how inhumane it is to take orcas out the wild to put them in pools that do not meet their living requirements. The director does a great job at making people feel bad and emotional by displaying horrific images of orcas being scratched and cut while they are being netted and transfered into caged pools.

Seaworld has many places around the world were they have kept orcas in captivity for many years. Many of seaworld trainers were trained and given false information over orcas, but many of them knew nothing about orcas. One of the best trainers seaworld had was Dawn Brancheau. She was one of seaworlds trainers who had a vast majority of knowledge over orcas. However, in 2010 Dawn was killed by one of seaworld’s most known orca Talikum and one of the biggest orcas to be held in captivity.

Many of the interviewee’s talked about how they were not properly trained, and how easy it was for them to become trainers. This film gives the audience information so that the trainers are blamed for their lack of knowledge and not the whales. When Dawn was killed seaworld tried to blame shawn for her death. Seaworld went on to say that she was pulled because she had a pony tail. This shows that seaworld cares more about how they are displayed rather than their employees or orcas. The film also shows boats dropping nets into the ocean and capturing these orcas. It also shows how these orcas were moved into their pools by craines. This is shows that it is not okay to take these wild animals and put them into cages. They are not only getting hurt it is also causing them to become depressed, because they are separated from their families. After getting captured they were put into small 20 feet deep pools were they became depressed because they spend the vast majority of their time in these cages. Logically it is not okay to take orcas from the wild and completely change their habitat. It not only hurts the whales it also hurts the envioroment. However, seaworld tells their audience that orcas live more in captivity than in the wild. The director, shows how this is not true. She does this by displaying interviews from employees who work at seaworld who mention facts that are not true about orcas. The films arguement is that it is not okay to do this to animals because its inhumane. There are many ways the director tries to get us emotional in this film, but one that plays along the whole film is the music. The music is a melody that makes the audience feel emotional

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