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Blue Economy : Sustainable Usage Of Marine Resources

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Blue Economy: Sustainable usage of marine resources

Blue economy is the concept that depicts the activities of human being in the oceans and coastal zones to enrich the livelihood of the people with simultaneous effort to preserve the marine area free from pollution and hazards so that the life standard of the people can be enriched with achieving the sustainable usage of the oceans and coastal zones as well. It is considered a part of the green economy. As day goes by the population of most of the countries are being high. To manage so much food for this purpose is quite impossible if the marine resources are not properly utilized. The source of marine resources are to be used in such a manner so that the next generation must not face any crisis of the food and other resources.

Both the government and citizen have to come forward to ensure these activities. In Sustainable development goal-14, there is a guideline how to improve the marine environment and how to utilize the marine resources in a balanced way. In 14.1, the reduction of marine pollution is focused. It is said that by 2025, all kinds of marine pollution especially land based matters will be reduced. In 14.2, the protection method of marine and coastal regions is mentioned. In 14.3, ocean acidification is discussed. In 14.4, it is said that all sorts of unfair means of fishing should be banned. In 14.5, it is said that at least 10% of the coastal and marine land should be conserved. Blue economy provides several prospects such as Health care products, Desalinated mineral water, Renewable energy,, Transportation, Aqua-culture, seaweed culture, pearl culture, Thalassotherapy, cosmetics, High purity marine salt, tourism, Aqua ponies, pharmaceutics etc.

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There are plants and herbal plants in plenty in the sea. These plants are the great resources for high quality medicine. Water will be the crux point in near future. It is a feasible solution to extract desalinated mineral water from the ocean which will be very good in quality for its mineral ingredients. Water can be a unique source of renewable energy. The hydraulic power of the water can be good source of electricity or other forms of energy. This kind of energy is free from any environmental pollution. Blue economy is a great opportunity for marine transport system. It will be very prospectus for avoiding roads jams and deadlocks. Furthermore it is the way that is free from any kinds of environmental hazards. The goods and materials can be transported to a great extent in this way than that of the roads or air ways. Aquaculture is another blessing of Blue economy. Different kinds of sea foods say for example marine fish, crabs, shrimp, different under water plants, algae etc. are very much attainable from aquaculture. Seaweed culture is also very important. Blue economy can be a great source of ornamentation. Pearls can be easily cultivated.

The salty environment is very much suitable to cultivate pearls. From the oceans we can get very high purity marine salt which is very essential for the bones and teeth’ growths. This salt is also very essential for smooth blood circulation because it lessens the cholesterol to some extent. Tourism is a very focusable matter nowadays. The ocean can be an overwhelming means of journey for the tourists who love nature. The congenial wind, scenic view of the water and landscape will amuse the travellers. Economy can also be boosted up from this transport business.

Many people can be engaged in job from blue economy. It is environment friendly and organic. Covering most of the earth’s surface , the ocean transports heat from the equator to the poles, regulating our climate and weather. The ocean produces over half of the world’s oxygen and stores 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. Mangroves, sea grass and salt marshes remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere ten times more than a tropical rain forest and store 3 to 5 times more carbon ,thus decreasing the impects of climate change. Mangroves, sea grass and coral reefs are natural barriers. They reduce impacts of storm surge, erosion and flooding.

Bangladesh is one of the promising countries in the arena of ship building and ship breaking. Bangladesh established 118,000 square Km of marine territory, 200 nautical miles of exclusive economic zones and 354 nautical miles continental shelves. Nearly 30 million people are directly dependent on oceanic activities. It is considered the Bay of Bengal its third neighbor.

Unsustainable usage of marine resources is a great threat for the world. This causes the imbalance in bio-diversity and ecological parameters. Too much so called development mainly of the coastal countries leads a devastating future. The temperature rise will rise the water level of the ocean that will flood the low land of the coastal countries. The rising level of carbon dioxide will hamper the world’s ultimate development that is known as sustainable development.


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