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Blue Whale “the Suicidal” Game: Effects And Rehab

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Blue whale “the suicidal” game had taken a toll in 2016-2017. It is a horrifying game that has claimed lives of many teenagers across the world. Many would think that this game was never played by teens in the African countries but yes it has. Many teenagers who have access to smartphones would easily take part in the game.

Jane Nyambura came out to talk about this suicidal game after she realized that her first born daughter had taken part in the game. Rehab Wairimu a second year student at St. Paul University had self-esteem issues and would spend most of her free time by herself the mother said.

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“She would immediately come back from school and go straight to her room” she said “I thought it was a good thing since we would not be like other families fighting about her going out and coming home late.”

She said with time she started becoming quiet and distant with them and she would wake up in the middle of the night. To them they thought she was sparing some time to study. It became queer of her and she decided to ask her daughter why the sudden change of behavior.

One afternoon the mother bulged into her room and found her cutting herself with a razor blade. She could not believe her eyes she said. She decided to take her to a psychiatrist where she confessed about taking part in the game.

“I was level 23 out of level 50” Rehab said “my best friend introduced me to this game and I followed each of the steps carefully.”

She said that the game is always between her and the administrator whom she doesn’t know and never met. Administrator would give her a task and she would do it and she was to send him a picture for confirmation that she has done the task. It is hard to get out of the game but her mother got rid of every electronic she had. She stayed off social media for six months and that’s how she got over it she said.

“ I am glad my mother found me on time before I could commit something serious” rehab said “ I was to die on the 16th of October 2017 as the administrator had told me and that was when I would have completed my 50th level”

Rehab said that it was difficult to leave since it was her only source of consolation, having passed through a lot of discrimination of how she looks from her friends and colleagues in school.

“This game takes over your mind mostly teenagers going through an emotional phase,” Mrs. Rashid her psychiatrist said, “teenagers who have a difficult time knowing themselves and believing in themselves are greatly affected.”

Her mother said that it was Gods will for her to be a living testimony. She did not know what she could have done without her daughter.

“let your children be as free as possible, let them socialize and never allow them to be loners, be their first friends whom they can approach in times of need” the mother adds “it is easier to deal with the outings than a situation like this one that affects your child emotionally and mentally since they end up comforting themselves with social media.”

Rehab says that the sessions she is having are helping her a lot and she advices young people not to be a slave of themselves but seek help where possible.


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