Bmw Sending a Massage on Drunk Driving a Satirical Essay

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Car crashes have increased, and they are more frequent than they used to be, so the car manufacturer BMW, a well-known luxury car brand, wanted to spread awareness by creating this advertisement. BMW created a compelling ad that showcases one of the adverse effects of drunk driving. This advertisement is a photo of a person standing, taken from the legs down. However, the right leg is real, and the left one is a prosthetic leg. This visual image goes along with the quote, “Spare parts for humans are not as original as those for cars. Don’t Drink and Drive.”

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In our case, in the Middle East, you could say don’t use cell-phones and drive. Using the prosthetic leg helps the viewers to see that the real-life outcomes of drunk or using phones while driving are horrifying. BMW made this ad simple, but then if you use the photograph alone to send a message would be meaningless. It’s the same if you use the quote alone, the words would be somewhat clear, but weak at the same time. Together, they create a compelling message. BMW may choose to keep their ad simple, as to not limit their audience, but they include a fact, that may shock or spark interest in the audience and would make the viewer more likely to believe in the message that is presented. Which is displayed on the add “Don’t drink and drive” above the company logo on the right at the bottom.

Also, the person is per feet and standing on a white surface, and that could mean the victim of drunk (text) and driving is somewhere in a hospital recovering. Most victims of drunk (text) and driving recover through hard work, but can they recover psychologically? Some could people feel pain in part of their body that they no longer exist. Those people are not crazy or insane; it is because the brain is still processing the idea that this part is no longer there; this might get those people more addictive to painkillers. One problem leads to another. The ad also allows the audience to sympathize with disabled people. The ad used this picture to show that individual parts couldn’t easily be replaced as car parts, but what happens if the person dies? You cannot return their life, of course. Remember that you are not taking only one life; you are also crashing the lives of their loved one too. I lost my uncle last year on 12 April 2018 while he was crossing the street. Two cars ran over him: the first one left him down on the ground with broken bones; the second car put him out of his misery. No one could recognize him after the accident, so they had to do a DNA analysis to identify him.

However, this picture shows that even though this person replaced his leg with a prosthetic leg, it is still not the same. Therefore, drunk or using phones while driving, those actions have consequences where a person may lose their life or their limbs. BMW convinces people not to drink or use their phones and drive by striking terror into the people mind of the thought of losing an irreplaceable body part or dying. The ad doesn’t explain an entire message about why not to drink or text and drive. Instead, it merely writes, “Spare parts for humans are not as original as those for cars. Don’t drink and Drive.” This quote implies that replacing a car part would be unnoticeable, but not for everyone only if you are super rich because everybody knows that BMW is one of the most expansive car brands. A bump on the car door, fixing it may cost nearly one thousand Kuwaiti Dinar or maybe even more. “So I’m glad that I don’t own a car or even have a driving license”; however, replacing an individual limb will not be precise as what it used to be. This quote also implies that people need to take care of their bodies since they are not replaceable.

BMW highlights the value of individual parts by comparing the replacement of a human body part and a car part. To close, drinking and texting while driving not only endanger your life, but it also threatens the innocent lives of those whose path you are crossing. It’s not something that you should take lightly. Since it is a well-known car brand, showing the name of the brand is more effective and persuasive in creating this kind of advertisement because people will pay more attention to what they say than to an ad from an unknown company. BMW has substantial implications to represent the message that human body parts are irreplaceable. Like BMW states, “do not drink (or text) and drive at the cost of your limbs.” They also trying to send a message that we (BMW) care about people life’s therefore, BMW is very safe on the street. It’s your choice whether you want to end up in a body bag in a fridge waiting for somebody to perform an autopsy on you or at home safe and sound sleeping on your bed.

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