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BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA Review

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Engineering Reaper Introduction

The BoomStick Engineering Reaper is a squonk RDA of 18mm-diameter, compatible with single and dual coil setups designed in Italy by BoomStick Engineering. It can cover vaping styles from tight MTL to tight DTL.

You can choose three colour combinations:

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BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

BoomStick Engineering Reaper Packaging List


the BoomStick REAPER RDA,

an ultem 510 driptip,

an ultem 18/22mm-diameter beauty ring,

user manual and a sachet with a bf squonk pin,

a small screw driver,

spare orings and spare screws.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper Design Features

Its design is very distinctive (style-wise too), accompanied by a 510 ultem driptip and an 18/22mm-diameter ultem beauty ring, while Reaper’s manufacturing quality is flawless (304 Stainless Steel, PEEK Insulator and high quality orings).

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDAIt only protrudes 2.7cm over your mod’s top and along with its 18mm-diameter it’s a tiny device, presenting thus a small vaporization chamber suitable for flavour chasing. In general, RDAs with less than 22mm-diameter are focused on providing flavour analysis and not on flavour integration, flavour intensity or clouds. The same is valid with the Reaper squonk RDA. It’s for flavour chasing vapers.

However, presenting a very low profile deck, it results in a quite shallow base’s well. In combination with the low-placed airflow holes, this can frequently result in liquid leaking out of the air holes, in case of over-squonking. So, squeeze your squonk bottle lightly.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDAIt is equipped with two top caps:

an internal top cap (domed at its internal top) acting as the vaporization chamber’s confinement. It carries three air holes. Two of them, positioned one opposite the other, are for the case of air-feeding two coils at both sides of the posts or for bilaterally air-feeding one coil placed diagonally between the posts. The third air hole (at ninety 90o-off the previous two) is for air feeding a single coil positioned at one side of the posts.

an external top cap with only two opposite positioned air holes to be fitted over the two opposite positioned air holes of the internal top cap, in the case of a dual coil setup or in the case of the diagonal single coil setup. One of its two air holes can also be positioned over the 90o-off air hole of the internal top cap, in the case of a single coil setup placed at one side of the posts. Then, the other two air holes of the internal top cap are “blinded” by the external top cap.

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDAThe design is smart for keeping the versatility of the different cases of coils’ setup usability. The pre-production sample I have tested is equipped with difficult to use clamps (“gaskets”) under the post screws for inserting the coils’ legs. This is also due to the posts’ design and due to their positioning in respect to the coils’ placement on the deck. Deck’s posts should be a little off and not placed exactly opposite from each another, in order to be able to setup a coil diagonally. But then, the deck couldn’t take up two opposite positioned coils.

As it is, the diagonal positioning of a single coil with bilateral air intake is a compromised setup, as the air holes are far away from the coil’s surface at its diagonal position, permitting creation of air turbulence prior to air hitting the coil’s surface and most of the air might actually be sucked up to the driptip (in intense draws). In this case, the external top cap must be rotated to close a little both internal top cap’s air holes, for increasing the air speed in coming to the chamber and onto the coil.

Its orings are of high quality, providing very smooth usability right out of the box. They don’t actually need to be “greased” at the Reaper’s first use, right after washing it (although it comes “crystal-clear” cleaned from the factory).

When first used, by rotating the external top cap, the internal top cap might also rotate. Just push down the external top cap when rotating it, for the internal top cap to stay in place and be able to narrow the airflow holes’ opening. From then on, just pull the external top cap sharply out, for the internal top cap to stay in place, maintaining its air holes’ position arrangement in respect to the positions of the coils.

How to enjoy the BoomStick Engineering Reaper

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

Due to its small size, when using low-Ω coils (dual or single) in DTL vaping (with higher wattage, larger air-intake is needed) the Reaper can get hot. Just remove the beauty ring and use a squonk mod with its 510 connector housed on a metal chassis to act as a heatsink.

In cases of higher-Ω coils in MTL vaping (with lower wattage and less air-intake), use the ultem beauty ring to not diffuse the heat of the vaporization chamber’s metal housing to a metal chassis of the mod (if you use a such one). You can use single or dual coil setups in both cases of MTL and DTL vaping by adjusting the size of the airflow holes’ openings appropriately. In all cases, the Reaper provides dense, flavourful and smooth vapour.

You can enjoy flavour analysis with tight puffs by using a single coil setup (not diagonally positioned) with the corresponding single airflow-hole open or even using a dual coil setup with both opposite airflow-holes slightly open. In the latter case, try building two simple coils, made by simple Kanthal 30ga, each one with 7 wraps around a 2mm coil-pivot (1.75Ω each coil approximately), leading to around 0.85Ω for both coils on the deck. Start from 15W up to 20W.

When exceeding 25W the vapour gets hot, due to the small vaporization chamber. However, the Reaper’s design with the double top cap (internal and external) does not allow your lips to get hot (even in chain-vaping) when they touch to the external top cap. As for the ultem driptip, it is known that it doesn’t get hot at all.

Check the following simple dual-coil setup:

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

The proper positioning height of the coils in respect to the top of the posts is shown below:

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA

The coils’ positioning height is actually decided by the height of the air-holes of the internal top-cap, so that the incoming air to hit the coils at their bottom side and slightly underneath them. In that way, most of the incoming air-beams do not go directly up to the driptip, when your draw is intense.

The wicking arrangement is shown below:

BoomStick Engineering Reaper MTL RDA


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