Bosnian Mountains Are Paradise for Nature Lovers

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If you like Mountainous Landscapes and wilderness in its untouched form, you are in a right place. Bosnia and Herzegovina, a small country hidden in the heart of Europe, is full of amazing natural sceneries in all its charms untouched by human hand. It boasts a large number of mountain areas that are absolutely beautiful. The country is home to many nature reserves and national parks with lots of forests. Scenic Mountains are crossed by the purest rivers and various waterfalls. 

As you travel through this country you will fall in love with the amazing landscape. Bosnian Mountains are paradise for nature lovers, photographers and those who are looking for interesting recreational sports. The views are absolutely epic, stretching toward the horizon and taking in forested valleys, mountain summits, and cliffs. As you breathe in, you’ll feel the fresh mountain air, you’ll hear the crunching of leaves, underfoot while birds are chirping. In winter there is a lot of different sports types from skiing and snowboarding to hiking and snowshoeing. 

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Or just enjoy the snow panorama and delight in the local food specialties. Full winter experience! Snow, outdoor and adventure! What else to expect, than a fairy tale. And in summer these mountains are special with even more possibilities for nature lovers. To enjoy an easy walk through the mountain or to go mountain biking, paragliding, riding jeeps, horses or fly fishing and rafting, you choose. With a large number of hotels and spa facilities, these mountains are also accessible for those seeking relaxation. The Mountains are what makes Sarajevo special. It is the capital town that has mountain almost in the center of the city. 

From Trebevic, Sarajevo is seen as in the palm of your hand. Sarajevo hosted skiing events during the 1984 Winter Olympics, this city will forever remain an Olympic city and its citizens will always have that Olympic spirit which is passed through generations. The Olympic Mountains are Bjelasnica, Jahorina, Igman, and Trebevic. 40 Km of Slopes 30 Minutes from Sarajevo. Bosnian resorts are well equipped with a good range of accommodation, ski shops, bars, and restaurants, and are very inexpensive. Bjelasnica has challenging terrain with steep vertical from 2000 meters to 1200 meters and is a hit with advanced skiers. Also, a walk through mountain can lead visitors to Lukomir, an old mountain village, where you can peek into the mountainous past of Europe. 

The village that still looks like it did hundreds of years ago, or to the fields with stećci, old Bosnian tombstones with inscriptions that reveal the mysteries of the medieval past of Bosnia. Jahorina Olympic center has a modern infrastructure with a huge number of hotels and apartments, featuring friendly restaurants, ski rental shops, and ski schools with English instructors. The 20 kilometers of tree-lined slopes are set between 1200 and 1900 meters and offer panoramic views towards Sarajevo. 

This resort is probably Europe’s best kept secret. Mount Vlasic is the best established ski center in central Bosnia. Vlasic’s popular resort of Babanovac is set at 1260 meters and features a good choice of accommodation. These mountains are an outdoor wonderland full of fairytale scenery. Valleys, mountain pastures, forests, lakes, and countless other unique geological wonders turn this section of the Dinaric Alps into an outdoor playground that’s fun in all seasons. If you are looking where to spent your holidays, this small European heart shaped country is always a good idea. And we are here to help you with guide and advices. We invite you to discover this country that will always stay in your heart.  

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