Bottled Water Vs Tap Water: Let's Count Pros and Cons

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Many people have their own opinions when it comes to what source of water they would rather drink or which water is more enjoyable. Imagine you are at a restaurant or a party, and if you were offered to choose between bottled water or tap water, what would you choose? Bottled water vs tap water?  Some people believe that there is no difference between the two and that bottled water is just a more expensive version of “the tap” as many people call it. But other people like myself think otherwise. I believe that bottled water is a more sanitary and enjoyable version of the drink that plays such a vital role in all of our lives. I also believe that there is a drastic difference between these two types of water.

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Moreover, the chemicals that are put in the tap water that comes through our homes are very harmful and should not be consumed in large amounts by humans. For example, Source A mentions that Tap water contains the chemicals chlorine and fluoride which are used for purification purposes. This shows how tap water carries these chemicals that are proven to be harmful to us in large amounts and should not be taken lightly. To further explain, chlorine and fluoride are added to purify the water, but conversely, most bottled water comes from natural springs. Although bottled water still goes through a purification process it is much less extensive and staining the water contents which provides for a safer drink.

In further detail, Bottled water is something you can always have disposable with you at all times. For example, if there is ever an emergency where the local water has been affected in any way and becomes undrinkable, bottled water is the only alternative and at that point, you are forced to drink it. For instance, In source B says that in emergencies or natural disasters tap water is usually contaminated and undrinkable because of that reason. These are the times that drinking bottled water is a necessary option. This explains how when there is any sort of natural disaster or predicament where tap water is not viable, bottled water is always an alternative. This shows how bottled water is much more reliable and will always be there as a failsafe if anything unexpected ever occurs. In this, one can understand the importance bottled water has as it serves as something to fall back on in times of need.

Additionally, some older homes have lead pipes in which the water runs through and picks up the lead as it’s flowing. Lead can cause anemia, weakness, kidney, brain damage, and even sometimes death. It states that water in old homes may be coming from lead pipes and therefore the water may be contaminated with lead which is a deadly chemical. Also, the regulation for lead in water is ⅓ as enforced in tap water as it is in bottled water. This shows how such a harmful thing as lead can be ingested by drinking tap water. The amount of harmful things that can occur after you drink lead is unacceptable and this problem could be easily avoided by investing in bottled water instead of tap. From this, one can determine what is a safer option and what chances one is willing to take when it comes to drinking tap water.

All in all, the controversy of whether bottled water or tap water is safer/better is a topic that will be argued about for years to come. This topic is not something you can easily just state a point and be done with, many people have their own opinions and ideas to contribute to the topic which makes it virtually impossible to honestly close the case on the subject of bottled water vs tap water. With all of this considered, I still believe that bottled water is the superior type of water in this argument and all of these claims and evidence have only reinforced my opinion on the topic. 

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