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Bourgeois and Proletarians Summary

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We were notified of a seminar on time travel that will be held two weeks ago. We have not yet begun to procrastinate as time is elusive!Recently our son had an astonishing experience where he explained everything was happening in the “NOW!” This included the past, present and the future.I was prompted to think of John in the book of Revelation because he thought his death was in his future only to be amazed to find it in his past. Our son explained our sense of time relates to when the sun rises and sets. It would be difficult to imagine our daily schedule’s without linear time. The words “for such a time as this” have stopped me in my tracks in unexplained experiences. As I relate to those encountered supernatural experiences in my own life; it was as though time stood still!When we think beyond what has become our normal; we may begin to see the difference in flesh and spirit. We have anticipated eternal life as though it were in our future and we have not taken into account that Jesus said; “it is finished!” His accomplishment on the cross not only eradicated sin; but it completed his resurrection and ours as well. We are admonished to seek glory, honor and immortality; therefore immortality is a “present” reality!We are deceived by having a futuristic view and this acknowledgment is retained in humanity.

God is Spirit and flesh knows of him; while Spirit knows him. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. Our present reality has everything to do with what we focus on and an altered thought process has the ability to heal and prosper us with an abundant life “NOW!”We physically perceive those who take their last breath to be dead and whatever this is, it is not death. Victory over the grave is a present reality and we are not looking for death; as eternal life was provided in the seed of Christ within humanity. The obscurity of linear time confines what is eternal within. If we eliminate fear, intolerance and the pressure of time-related impositions; we can relax and enjoy the present! Imagine all that has occurred and will ensue to be captured in a moment of present truth! Live life as though yesterday and tomorrow are “NOW!”My daughter said the day before she transformed to the other side; “I’ll see you yesterday!” Time is elusive and we are wise not to be caught up in time travel!

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