Bowling as an Olympic Sport

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Bowling As An Olympic Sport

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Bowling is a very logistical sport that should be introduced into the Olympics. In order to qualify as an Olympic sport, the sport must be ‘widely practiced by men in at least 75 countries and on four continents, and by women in at least 40 countries and on three continents,’ according to Olympics officials. “Since bowling is played by over 100 million men and women, is played in 75 different countries, and is on 4 continents it should qualify to be an Olympic sport”. Bowling can be considered one of the oldest sports and even dates to 3200 BC.

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There are lots of tournaments around the world every year. I believe if bowling was introduced into the Olympics it would gain popularity quickly. Not only has bowling become more and more popular but it has even become popular as a disability sport! The special Olympics has already implemented bowling, and there are even have special devices to aid and make sure everyone can participate. There are even bowlers who can bowl blind by listening to the pins fall. The popularity rising will bring more players to the sport and in turn bring many of the health benefits with it! Families will not only be in for an awesome time together, but they will also have the health benefits of bowling! It can help with strengthening muscles and burning calories. Bowling balls typically weigh 14 pounds. By throwing a 14-pound ball down the alley, you are helping build your arm, shoulder, hand, and leg muscles. If you were to bowl 4 games, you would throw the 14-pound ball nearly 80 times! Bowling can also help improve hand eye coordination.

Throwing a weighted ball to strike a set of pins 60 feet away is not an easy task! Rolling a ball down a lane that is one fifth the size of an entire football field and hit the pins just in the right spot to get a strike can be very difficult! There are many different factors in bowling from the way you walk up and hold the ball, to the way you release the ball down the lane. There are also many ways to bowl, I personally am a right-handed fingertip bowler. This means I have grips in my fingertip holes on my ball that only allow my fingers tips to go in. There are also arrows and dots on the lane to line yourself up with. It can be difficult to find your mark, and it takes a lot of time to find what works right for you. In bowling the most consistent spot to hit in order to get a strike is called the 1-2 or the 1-3 pocket. The best way to hit these pockets is to curve the ball between the two pins to hit the center. When a ball that is thrown correctly goes down the lane it should do three things. The first one is skid; this is when the bowler lets go of the ball and it skids down the lane. The next is hook, this is when the ball hooks in towards the pins to hit either the 1-2 or the 1-3 pocket I was talking about earlier. The final thing is roll, this is when the ball leaves the oil on the lane and rolls into the pins.

Another thing to think about when bowling is the oil pattern on the lane. There are a few types of bowling balls such as low-high oil, plastic, and urethane. These types of balls all react to the oil on the lanes differently which can cause the ball to curve when going down the lane. Oil is put onto the lanes differently every time so a lot of times it can take a few frames to find the right ball to use for the oil pattern on the lane that day. These are some of the major factors in why bowling is very difficult to compete in at a high league and should be introduced into the Olympics. 

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